Bird-b-gone Keeps Birds Off Bridges


Bird•B•Gone, Inc. Bird Control Products keep Pest Birds off of bridges nationwide. Bird•B•Gone, is the leading manufacturer of bird control products in the US. Their products humanly deter pest birds such as pigeons, seagulls and crows from buildings, structures, bridges, highway overpasses and other areas they like to nest and roost.

Bruce Donoho owner of Bird•B•Gone, Inc. says bridges make a perfect nesting and roosting area for birds such as pigeons. They are protected here from interference by people, predators and the elements. The droppings left behind by these birds can erode building materials such as concrete and steel. When asked how to eliminate the birds from bridges and overpasses, Donoho says you must create a physical barrier that keeps the birds from landing. This can be done with bird spikes, bird netting or even shock systems. If the birds have no where to land, they will move on to another area.

Danny Sicurella of Global Bird Management Corp. has used Bird•B•Gone products on many highway bridges throughout Illinois and Arkansas. The Illinois Department of Transportation contracted him to “Bird Proof” highway overpasses that where infested with pest birds such as pigeons and swallows. Danny says that in some cases the feces left behind by the pigeons was 3 – 4 feet deep on the concrete supports. The pigeon feces, over time, will erode the concrete and compromise the support. He used bird netting to secure the bridges from pigeons nesting and roosting. Danny says that protected birds such as swallows are also a big problem on highway overpasses. Once a protected bird takes up “home” on the bridge, it is illegal to do bridge maintenance until the bird has gone. This can really become a safety issue. Danny also used Bird•B•Gone Bird Netting to keep the swallows from making homes on these bridges.

Rob Lang of Smithereen in Chicago has bird proofed 26 viaduct/overpasses in the last 3 years. Lang states that most of the structures have had pigeons living on them for years. He says that the feces left behind is “deep and disgusting”! A large part of the project is cleaning and sanitizing the bridge before bird control products can be installed. Rob uses bird netting and bird spikes from Bird•B•Gone to keep pest pigeons from nesting and roosting on support beams.

In Dallas Texas, Gulf States Bird Control, owned and operated by Brett Mayes, has been contacted frequently to provide bird control for bridges and overpasses. Brett says that he has put in many bids but has not done any jobs. He fears that cities and transit authorities still are not aware of the importance of bird proofing bridges, not just the health risk to maintenance workers, but the structural integrity of the structures themselves.

Donoho also states that Bird•B•Gone products are keeping such bridges as the Golden Gate, Brooklyn Bridge and others bird free. Not only are we protecting the bridge infrastructure, we are also protecting the health of those who use the bridges daily.

Bird-B-Gone, Inc. is located in Mission Viejo, CA can be contacted at 800-392-6915.

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