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Droll Yankees YCPD90 Dipper Squirrell Proof Bird Feeder
Manufacturer: Droll Yankees
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With cheerful songs and gentle grace, birds bring charm and enrich the natural environment of most every yard. While plants, flowers, and bird feeders provide food for our feathered friends, smaller birds must compete with pesky squirrels and large nuisance birds, for a bite of birdseed. To encourage these small, feathered friends, the ornithological-minded folks at Droll Yankees created this Dipper bird feeder. The feeder holds seed in a slender tube that greedy squirrel paws struggle to grasp while the tube is extra long to prevent squirrels from hanging down from an above perch to wrest seed from the feeding ports. Smaller birds like cardinals, finches, chickadees, nuthatches, and woodpeckers dine comfortably on a special perch that will collapse from the weight of a bothersome crow or starling, virtually pulling the chair out from underneath these pests.

Thoughtfully designed, the feeder hangs from stainless-steel wire, bail-looped to limit mobility. The durable die-cast metal cap and feeder base assist in keeping seed secure. The easy-to- fill, UV-stabilized polycarbonate tube resists coloring while holding up to 5 pounds of birdseed. Inner baffling ensures steady seed distribution while four feeding ports control seed flow as needed. Users should regularly clean the feeder with equal parts water and white vinegar to protect the birds from bacteria and disease. Wet or moldy food often host for such germs and should be discharged. Do not use chemicals on the bird feeder. For the best results, hang the bird feeder near trees and bushes rather than in the open. Droll Yankees offers a lifetime warranty for defective parts, workmanship, or excessive squirrel damage. The feeder is 21 inches long with a 4-3/4-inch diameter and weighs 11 pounds upon shipping. --Jessica Reuling

Product Details

  • Hanging bird feeder for small birds and resisting pests from the bird-savvy manufacturers at Droll Yankees
  • Crafted with stainless steel wire, metal cap and base, and a long UV-stabilized polycarbonate tube that discourages squirrel access
  • 4 feeding ports release seed gradually; perches collapse under weight of larger, pesky birds and critters
  • Regular cleaning of the feeder protects our feather friends from bacteria and disease; holds up to 5 pounds of seed
  • Feeder measures 21 inches long with a 4-3/4-inch diameter and weighs 11 pounds upon shipping; limited lifetime warranty

Customer Reviews

droll yankee truly lived up to its word of 'squirrel proof'...
Review Date: July 23, 2006
Reviewer: Lori, Connecticut
I've gone through numerous of bird feeders in my lifetime and i am just tired of the squirrels eating the seeds and chewing on the feeders. I gave up a few years back then realized how much i really miss watching the birds. So I decided there has got to be a "real" squirrel proof feeder. I saw this one and told myself that if i saw one darn squirrel on this or even a blue jay, it was going back to the retailer and i'm getting my money back. I've had it 2 years and NOT ONE DARN SQUIRREL!!!! Not only that, the cardinals were able to feed off on this feeder. It's rather a cool innovation. The perch are design to only support birds of cardinals or smaller. Anything heavier, the perch collapse and they either fall off or fly off, then the perch springs back. I'm actually looking to buy a couple more of the feeders. Worth every darn penny 'cuz I know this is going to be the last one and the high quality of this birdfeeder will be around for years to come.
Absolutely as advertised
Review Date: February 26, 2008
Reviewer: Laurie Fletcher, Casper, Wyoming, USA
I've waited a year to write this review (purchased this in Feb 2007) because I wanted to be sure that this feeder was truly the answer to our squirrel problems. We've certainly had squirrels make well-choreographed attempts at this feeder but, in this past year, we have not seen a single success. Another big plus for us is how well this feeder has fared in the tough Wyoming winters. It isn't just the snow; we have extremes in day/night temperatures with relentless wind and the feeder has been out nearly all winter. This was truly worth the expense and I'm so glad to be able to recommend it.

August 2008 update: has now withstood raccoons!

December 2009 update: still going strong. We only take it down in extremely high winds; otherwise this has been out in the weather for nearly four years. Outstanding!
It's red squirrel proof!
Review Date: August 12, 2008
Reviewer: Amanda, NH
This feeder is truly red squirrel-proof! Most squirrel-proof feeders can keep the grey squirrels from the bird seed, but the red squirrels are the true enemy. This is the first feeder I have owned that can keep the red squirrels away from the seed. I have had it since mid-June, it's now mid-August. The red squirrels try very hard to hang onto the feeder and/or the perches, but they can't do it. They even tried to chew through the top lid but all they did was scratch the coating. On top of this, the birds love it. Grosbeaks, cardinals, finches (gold and purple), titmice, etc, etc, love to sit and eat from it. I would recommend this feeder to anyone with red squirrel problems. It eventually pays for itself because it saves about 50% or more of the birdseed (that used to be consumed by red squirrels).

UPDATE: As of 12/3/2008 this feeder is still going strong. The red (and gray) squirrels cannot position themselves to get any seed nor can they chew through the feeder. After 30 years of birding, this is the best squirrel-proof feeder I have ever tried. It has already paid for itself in saved bird seed.
Another great feeder from Droll Yankees
Review Date: February 22, 2009
Reviewer: Don Weiser, Pisgah Forest, NC
This feeder has defeated the Blue Jays and the squirrels from pigging out on expensive black oil sunflower seed! What a pleasure not to constantly have to chase the "pigs" away. I feel so magnanimous in victory that I feed the squirrels peanuts. It took the Cardinals about 3 days to get used to the new feeder so be patient.
A Real Squirrel Proof Feeder!
Review Date: April 21, 2009
Reviewer: Christopher W. Grala, Malvern, PA
After years of futility trying out various "squirrel proof" feeders, I found the real thing in the Droll Yankee Dipper. Unlike other models designed to protect seed from the ingenious tree rodents, this one not only confounds the common grey squirrel, but is also effective against the smaller red squirrels which have no trouble going right through caged feeders. The springed perches of this feeder won't support anything larger than a cardinal, and its width & length prevent squirrels from hanging onto the top with their back legs and reaching the feeding ports. Additionally, the metal lid cannot be chewed through and is too heavy for squirrels to dislodge. Jumping from a limb onto the perches simply results in the perches collapsing (and then springing back), sending the rodents groundward. I've watched both grey & red squirrels trying to gain access to this feeder, only to give up. And, as an additional feature, this product doesn't rely on motors (like the Spinner Model), and is easy to clean as the feeding port base is removable. This certainly isn't a cheap product, but the savings in replacement feeders and seed wasted to squirrels easily makes up for the cost. Simply put, this is the best bird feeder I've ever come across.
Watch out squirrels!
Review Date: June 3, 2009
Reviewer: Karen S. Sieczka, Atlanta, GA
This feeder is a major investment but I have gotten so tired of cheap feeders that the squirrels chew up and dump the food out of. Besides, bird seed is getting expensive.

So far, I am pleased. I filled this feeder up nearly 3 weeks ago and it still has seed in it. Several squirrels have attempted to breach it but without much luck. One furry guy spent a least twenty minutes staring at it before his twarted attempt. He tried to hang off the top and reach down-couldn't get the food! He tried to hold unto the pole and grab the perch to pull it toward him--still couldn't get the food! On his last attempt he managed to grab onto two of the feeding holes but could only hang there staring at the tempting seeds. Finally he gave up.

I am looking forward to seeing more squirrel attempts just for the entertainment value!
Best bird feeder ever
Review Date: March 8, 2009
Reviewer: Francis X. Meaney, Boston, MA United States
Having tried many feeders that defeat squirrels, I've found this is far and away the best. It's also the best for feeding small birds and keeping the big eaters away. Cardinals can manage it, but that's about it for size. All the little guys get their chance!
Excellent feeder even if pretty expensive
Review Date: June 29, 2007
Reviewer: Roberta Beyer, Albuquerque, NM USA
It's hard to imagine that ANY feeder is totally squirrel proof. They seem to grow fifty foot long arms anytime they're near a feeder and they seem to be able to figure out just about anything. I recommend this feeder because it's one that large birds can't stay on---anything larger than a cardinal just basically falls off the perch because each perch is spring-loaded. So, if you're bothered by bigger birds taking over your feeders, this is a good choice. In fact, it's worth the price just to see large birds fall off it. That leaves four perches for basically finch-size birds and they can eat to their heart's content. Here in the Southwest we have lots of white-winged doves and all they can do with this feeder is sit longingly on top of it, staring down and wishing they could get the seed. The feeder has a really large tube, so you won't have to fill it as often, so that's nice. Then too is Droll Yankees great workmanship and lifetime guarantee. It's worth the coin!! (Could somebody get Amazon to spell squirrel correctly???)
Yankee Dipper Really Works
Review Date: May 5, 2008
Reviewer: Tillie Malibu, Manhattan, IL USA
The Yankee Dipper Feeder has saved us from the Poor House. Grackles and red-winged blackbirds were eating us out of house and home. The sunflower seeds disappeared in hours. This feeder truly does dump off the heavy, piggy birds. Consumption of seeds is reduced, and it's entertaining to watch the big birds slipping and sliding on the perches, not to mention the squirrels! Seed management makes this feeder well worth the investment.
best of the best
Review Date: February 24, 2009
Reviewer: Michael Lipp, Dartmouth, Massachusetts
Feeder works and the birds devour the seed. It does hold a ton of seed which is nice so that it doesn't continually need refilling. Cardinals can even get on to the spring loaded perches. I am very happy with the product. Nice red color too. The grackles flutter and really work to get at the seed but they do find a way. It definitely cuts down on their consumption however.

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