Droll Yankees CJTHM15G 15-Inch Green New Generation Thistle Feeder

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Droll Yankees CJTHM15G 15-Inch Green New Generation Thistle Feeder
Manufacturer: Droll Yankees
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Product Description

The Droll Yankees New Generation Thistle Feeder features an excellent design that will make a wonderful addition to any backyard sanctuary. Birds may rest comfortably on the six individual perches at the thistle seed ports. The clear, U.V. stabilized, polycarbonate feeder tube keeps the seed level visible at all times and is perfect for holding 1.5 pounds of seed. The cap, base, and perches are durable metal and feature a powder-coated, no rust, green finish. An internal seed baffle design directs seed to the ports so that the feeder empties completely without leaving a dirty residue. Simply slide the die-cast metal cap up the hanger for quick, convenient cleaning and filling. With its durable construction, the Droll Yankees New Generation Thistle Feeder will faithfully serve the birds in your wildlife habitat season after season. This feeder may be hung on the included metal loop hanger or pole mounted using any pole with a 3/4-inch threaded adaptor (not included). Made in the U.S.A. Lifetime Guarantee.

Product Details

  • Tube feeder holds thistle seed
  • Holds 1.5 pounds of seed
  • 6 individual perches and seed ports, metal cap, base, and perches with a powder-coated, rust free, green finish
  • Feeds chickadees, finches, goldfinches, redpolls, and siskins
  • Quick, convenient cleaning and filling

Customer Reviews

Quality that is fuctional!
Review Date: September 10, 2007
Reviewer: Richard W. Irion, Mays Landing NJ United States
This is my third Finch feeder over the last five years and by far the best in quality and fuctionality. This feeder is easy to clean, "all feeders need to be cleand every so many feedings" and strong enough to take the beating it will get if it is to survive out in the elements. The finch took to it immediately but the sparrows and other birds quickly gave up trying to get at the thistle. This item is priced right and it arrived in a strong packing box. If you want to see the American Goldfinch and House Finch up close this is just what you need.

Two thumbs up!
Review Date: January 27, 2003
Reviewer: form and function, San Antonio, TX USA
This feeder was an instant success. It took less than half a day for this feeder to be discovered and mobbed by dozens of Goldfinches. I've never had a new feeder adopted this quickly.
A Quality Feeder
Review Date: February 10, 2007
Reviewer: An Outdoorman, Maryland, USA
These feeders are well made. They aren't fancy, but they are easy to fill, with no screw on cap, which is nice not to have to fool with in cold weather. They also have a lifetime warranty.

Little things like the metal perches and metal on the top and bottom make this feeder a good buy. I've had several cheaper finch feeders in the past, and they eventually became brittle and either the perches or the body of the feeder cracked and broke.

I just recently bought my second Droll Yankees feeder - I highly recommend them.
Droll Yankees is the only way to go!
Review Date: July 6, 2008
Reviewer: B. League,
This is my second thistle feeder purhcase from Droll Yankees in about nine years. Yes, I still have the original one and it is in GREAT condition, but this year I had so many gold finches lining up that I had to get a second station!

There was not a lot of room for improvement from the original model, but one new thing I did notice is that the horizontal tube at the very top that the wire hanger connects to is now made of the same metal that the perches are made of. My old one was made of plastic and the squirrels had started chewing on it -BUT they were NOT able to get in!

These are made of high quality plastic that is durable and does not yellow like cheaper ones do. They also seem to be more squirell resistant. My 9 year old one has some scratches on the outside of it from where squirells attempted to break into it, but they have not been sucessful yet. I'm not saying that they can't get the seed out of it, but they have not been able to tear it open yet. Another plus is the heavy metal lid, and the heavy metal bottom - these add a lot to the quality.

You really can't go wrong with a Droll Yankees purchase!
Buying third and fourth Droll feeders.
Review Date: November 18, 2008
Reviewer: Mary K. Stroup, Bowie, TX United States
I agree with all that has been written. These feeders are the best for so many reasons. Metal perches are great. Feeder holes are small enough that the Nyger seed is not wasted, yet large enough to attrach finches. We keep four active feeders going during this time of the year and they are full most of the time.
thistle feeder
Review Date: May 12, 2008
Reviewer: R. W. Dillender, shelbyville in
This feeder is top notch. It is made to last. The price for the feeder is very reasonable considering the quality of workmanship.I will probably buy another next fall.
feeder that works
Review Date: December 17, 2009
Reviewer: Stoil D. Ivanov, Chicago
This feeder is doing just what its supposed to do . I got regularly 6 golden finches on it. It keeps the thistle seeds dry. Very easy to feel up.
Can't lose Feeder
Review Date: January 23, 2009
Reviewer: B. Shinn, New Jersey, USA
Anyone looking for a thistle feeder that they want to last should look no further. You will have trouble finding a better product. Worth the price, I have 4 Droll Yankee feeders in my yard and they are draped with birds every day. I'll add that they are easy to take apart and clean and are built like tanks. Beware of inexpensive feeders, you just end up replacing them.
Tough feeder!
Review Date: January 24, 2010
Reviewer: Michael P. Fettig, Seattle, WA
I received this product promptly. Is is made like a tank. I also bought this because it is American made.
The second day I had it up, the raccoons knocked it of its hook and it took a 15 foot drop. Not a scratch on the feeder!
I am waiting patiently for the finches to find it!
Where are the birds?
Review Date: December 18, 2008
Reviewer: T. V. Wright, Stallings, NC
The feeder is very high quality, nicely constructed. The holes have allowed some rain in, but it has been rainy the last few days. However, I have yet to see one bird at the feeder even with fresh niger seed. I am hoping they are just in a migratory pattern and will show up soon.

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