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Droll Yankee B7F 20-Inch Pewter 6-Port Sunflower Wild Bird Feeder
Manufacturer: Droll Yankees
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Product Description

The Droll Yankees B7F wild bird feeder has an extra large seed capacity. The wide diameter, 20" long seed tube holds 21/2 quarts of seed. Provides 6 feeding ports and is designed to feed all types of wild bird seed mix. Polycarbonate seed tube with die cast metal top, bottom and seed ports for years of use.

Product Details

  • Wild birdfeeder 2-1/2-quart seed capacity and 6 seed ports
  • Wide diameter, 20-inch long seed tube
  • Serves all types of wild bird seed mix
  • Polycarbonate seed tube
  • Die cast metal top, bottom and seed ports

Customer Reviews

Big Droll Yankee Bird Feeder
Review Date: December 13, 2007
Reviewer: W. Walker, Austin, TX, USA
Great feeder, with the addition of the optional seed tray, and great delivery service (thanks, Amazon!)
Best Feeder I Own
Review Date: February 16, 2008
Reviewer: P. Perrino, Vermont
I've owned this feeder for a couple of years now, and it is without a doubt the best feeder I own. I bought several 'cheaper' tube type feeders, and they just don't measure up even close to this feeder. I know they are expensive, but so is replacing the cheaper ones every couple of years or so. The other great thing about this feeder is it holds an amazing amount of seeds so you don't have to refill it as often. Mine is still in great shape after two winters in Vermont, and I expect it to last many, many more years. I'm going to be replacing all my other tube feeders with these a little at a time.
This feeder holds up for years.
Review Date: June 1, 2008
Reviewer: Super Forester, MN
We rescued this feeder from my father's trash after he thought it was "worn out" and needed replacing. At that time it was about 8 years old and the only thing that was "wrong" was that the tube had discolored a bit from the sun. Other than that, it was completely fine. That was two or three years ago and today is still going strong. Like another reviewer stated, it does hold a huge amount of seed, so refills are done less often. This Droll Yankee feeder is well worth it's price.
Another great Droll Yankee product
Review Date: January 13, 2007
Reviewer: Paul C., High Point, NC
This is the third Droll Yankee feeder we have purchased and we have been very happy with it. The birds seem to like it too. The larger size cuts down on the number of trips out to fill it up. Our smaller model A-6 feeder runs out long before this one does.
Review Date: November 9, 2009
Reviewer: 1998, mi
The only brand bird feeders I buy...they stand up to the elements and whatever else comes at them!
Redesign needed for % Star rating
Review Date: July 6, 2009
Reviewer: Greenville Pete, Greenville, California United States
Sunflower Seeds definitely attract some "larger" Birds: Purple Finchs, Crossbills, Grousbecks,etc.

The feeder Ports and Perchs are far too close together to enable larger Species to access the Sunflower seeds in the Ports.

Product is well constructed, with excellent Seed capacity. But the larger Species face a difficult "struggle", which often leaves them "Out to Lunch" at dinner time!!!!

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