Why You Should Place A Blue Bird House In Your Garden

Birds are beautiful creatures that will add charm to any garden. One of the most popular birds is the blue bird. Unfortunately, their number has decreased significantly in the United States within the last decade. The main reason of this decline is the increased use of pesticide, climate change, and reduced tree number. Therefore, if you put a blue bird house in the garden, you are doing a lot of favors for these beautiful birds.

Finding the right spot to place a blue bird house

It is important to find the right spot to place this bird house otherwise blue birds are not willing to use the space. There are many factors that you should consider in this regard. First is that the blue bird house should deter other creatures like mice and snakes that are very dangerous for blue birds. Blue birds are bigger than sparrows and you need to make sure that the entrance hole and the space inside the bird house are sufficient to accommodate medium sized birds.

You should put the blue bird house high from the ground. Four to six feet is the ideal height to place the bird house. Furthermore, if you plan to have more than one blue bird house, then you should space them around fifty yards apart. If the distance is too close, you may promote fighting between blue birds.

If you live in the northern hemisphere, it is a good idea to face the bird house to the south or southeast. It is better to have trees, shrubs, wires, or fences within twenty-five to one hundred feet radius from the bird house. Blue birds can use these structures to perch and they also can help young birds during their first flights. The spot where you place the blue bird house should not be a busy area. If many people and pets pass through the area, they will frighten the blue birds.

Benefits of a blue bird house

Making a blue bird house is an exciting project for children. You can spend a good quality time with your children to build this blue bird house. You should be able to find instructions on how to make a blue bird house from the internet. There are also many stores that sell materials that you need to make one of these bird houses. One thing that you should remember is that blue birds prefer natural materials. Therefore, it is advisable to make the blue bird house from wood with no harsh chemical. A plastic and glass bird house usually will not attract blue birds.

Once you place the blue bird house, you can just sit back and enjoy the sight of blue birds doing their daily activities and raising their families. This is a good time to educate your children about blue birds and the importance of conserving our environment. Blue birds living in your garden is good for your house because they can help you control insect population.

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