W. Gerald Bird, Jr.: Why aren’t Canadians miserable?

Eagle recovering after bird brawl in Lake Oswego
LAKE OSWEGO, Ore. — An eagle fight in Lake Oswego has left one bird of prey in need of some human attention. The bald eagle had a puncture wound to the talon after getting into a territorial dispute with another eagle. It’s now recovering at the Audubon Society’s Wildlife Care Center in SW Portland where staff veterinarians are treating the bird’s injuries.  Witnesses tell state troopers the …

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Bird of another feather – an emu – attacks sheriff’s deputies in Horizon
HORIZON – Sheriff’s deputies were battling something bigger than themselves this morning, an escaped emu. The bird lost the battle. It died while being transported to a animal shelter.

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The art of bird watching
MIDDLEPORT — Jim Fry, a retired naturalist for the Columbus Metro Parks and a nature writer for the Columbus Dispatch for many years, will be in Middleport Tuesday, March 9 to share information on …

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W. Gerald Bird, Jr.: Why aren’t Canadians miserable?
Congratulations Canada, you’re Olympics classy from start to finish. Yes a few glitches, a tragic death, a bunch of girls zealously celebrating their hockey gold, in what will be the most cherished moment of their lives. I’m sure our “super patriots” will choose to dwell on these moments. The opening ceremony the Canadians honored their aboriginals , while ours languish on reservations, the …

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