The Veterinary Secrets To Giving Your Pet Bird A Vibrant and Healthy Life

Birds make great pets and are relatively easy to take care of.
There are many different types of birds. There are birds that
sing and birds that have beautiful colors. Although there is
some work and planning that goes into having a bird.

There are several types of birds that are bred in captivity. A
few of the most popular birds are parakeets, canaries, finches,
and cockatiels. These birds are comfortable in most homes and
are usually pretty well behaved.

Your bird should have a safe secure cage. The cage should be
large enough so that the bird can fully extend it’s wings.
Finches and canaries need room to fly short distances. Parakeet
and cockatiels need room to climb. The bars should be 3/8 to 1/2
of an inch apart. This way the bird cannot escape or get stuck.
You should line the bottom with hard wood shaving.

Place the cage away from drafts and away from direct sunlight.
Birds are very sensitive to noise, smoke and large activity, so
the cage should go in a quiet room. You should also place the
bird at eye level. If you have other pets, such as dogs and cats
you should make sure you put the cage in a place safe from them.

You should also put all kinds of toys in your birds cage. This
will keep your bird occupied and will also keep him active.
Another thing that birds like are mirrors. They enjoy talking to
their reflection. You need to place different levels of perches
around your birds cage. This way the bird can fly from perch to
perch and get some exercise.

Feeding your bird isn’t that complicated. You can get a high
quality seed mixture that is made especially for your type of
bird. These include all the vegetables and fruits your bird will
need. You can find that at most pet stores and even some super

You should probably get a cuttlebone for your bird. A cuttlebone
is a type of bone that your bird can pick at. There is calcium
in this bone. That way your bird will get all the calcium it
needs. You will also need a bird grit to help digestion. Another
thing your bird will need is a supply of fresh water. You can
keep the water in a little dish in the cage at all times. Make
sure that it is always available. It is a good idea to give your
bird little amounts of fruits and vegetables sometimes.

Birds clean themselves, so you don’t need to worry about giving
them a bath. But you do need to clean your bird’s cage about
once a week. You should change the saw dust and clean all the
toys to get the bad germs off.

Most birds are very sociable. Parakeets, finches, and cockatiels
get along with other birds. It would be okay to keep them in the
same cage with another bird. But make sure that the cage is big
enough for both birds.

You should take your bird out at least once a day. Try to get
the bird used to being with humans. Most birds enjoy climbing on
your head and nestling in your hair. But if you are going to let
your bird out of it’s cage be sure that its wings are clipped.
You will know when it is time of a clipping when your bird can
start to get some flight.

Birds like everything else get sick. Some signs of sickness are
dull and limply feathers, discharge around the eyes and noise,
and wet and dirty around the anus. If you notice any of these
signs you should take your bird to the vet. The vet will
probably put your bird on some kind of medication.

Birds are very enjoyable. They are not that much work, but do
show affection. They can be very comical too. They can do some
pretty weird stuff. You can also teach them to talk and sing.
Birds are very fun.

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