Frostie Dancing To Shake Your Tail Feather! Bird Loves Ray Charles!

Frostie The Funniest Dancing Bird On This Planet jives to the Blues Brothers Shake Your Tail Feather – “Joliet” Jake Blues (Dan Aykroyd) Ray Charles hit from The Blues Brothers album (1992). Frostie is a 20-year-old Bare-Eyed Cockatoo, otherwise known as a Little Corella. This video was aired on NDTV: India, CNN, KHSL TV Channel 12, E! The Soup, Al Jezeera, FOX News, Ellen and Good Morning America (GMA)! Video of the day on MSN and Yahoo! As seen on TV in India, China, Chile, France, England, Germany, USA and Bangledesh! Featured in the Paradise Post and Contra Costa Times. (Video by Karla K. Larsson, Magalia – Paradise, CA on February 1, 2009.)

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Comments (25)

@wabobalol Lol! Lol! He does that a lot!

@SonsOfLiberty1765 Me too and I’m so happy Frostie lives with me!

0:29 – 0:33 omg sweetest headbang

Dam, thats the best dancing bird I have ever seen! Get giggy bird.

@gabbyw02 Frostie says he ♥’s you too!

@icarly1256369852412 isn’t he cute


@erdi12 He sure is! Thanks for watching!

@orangesugarcube That’s what my Mom said to me at the end!

The sweetest one of it’s kind on the planet!

Yay Frostie!!!

Oh that would be a hoot!!!! I think you should!!! Go For It! I am sure you will get a response of huge proportions if not it will catch on later ha!

@icarly1256369852412 Holy smokes! How do you log onto your account when you’re at your friend’s house! Lol! I’m glad you enjoyed Frostie’s video!

smart bird and cute too! i love the way the bird moves oh yea!

@GR8TM4N Thank you for that. Now try picturing him doing all that on my shoulder! Lol! He does sometimes! Lol!

@ThunderRacer11 Yup, yup! Lol!

@emiillyy88 Lol! Frostie is a total crackup! I wish he would tolerate wearing a little pair of sunglasses!

Frostie undoubtedly loves music and dancing ! he is a awesome bird, you are lucky to have him in your side! May you and Frostie always be well, and thanks for the wonderful video!

… right,right.

he does the Stevie Wonder thing with his head! Very cute love it!<3

@RabekaJo Shortly after I uploaded this video, a view commented that she had e-mailed it to all the members of her Jazzercise class, including the instructor, and reported the entire class did “The Frostie” during the next class and laughed themselves silly. I wish she had recorded it on video and uploaded it here! I would have loved to see it!

I have been thinking about making a new video encouraging to post a video of themselves doing “The Frostie” with the video in the background!

I will be sure to reply to your video with our video as soon as I get it up if we do decide to do it…(just the kids lately have been not minding so it may be a little while still before we do) ttyl

@RabekaJo I kept waiting for him to flap his arms and turn around, bend over and shake that feather duster he had stuck in the back of his pants! Darn it! Lol! I’d love to see a video if you make one!

looks like Frostie did have fun thanks for commenting back I may join fishysims and do a shake your tail feathers video with my kids soon…don’t know yet though

@terriandtaylor I was pretty amazed that day myself! Glad you watched it!

absolutly amazin xx

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