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To bring home the nice little birdie you just bought, you need a bird house. Remember: even birds that get out of their houses to socialize still spend a large amount of time inside. It is best to buy a larger bird house because at first the bird might try to get out and a small one would hurt it.

There are different bird houses for different birds because not all of them have the same lifestyle and they all react differently in certain situations. A canary moves a lot so you need to buy a bird house which is a little larger than usual to assure that your bird has enough room to fly; parrots will also need a similar cage as their behavior is similar.

Rectangular bird houses are the best choice because they are cleaned easier and safer for the bird. Make sure they are made from a resistant material which is also easy to clean and disinfect. Put pieces of paper in the bird house or other similar materials but never use wood or plastic because the bird might swallow it and irritate their throat.

The bird house should be placed at the chest level. If you place it lower the bird will be irritated and will feel vulnerable but on the other hand, if you place it higher the new little member of the family will feel superior (in the wilderness, superior birds stay on the higher branches). Make sure you place the bird house in a sunny spot; also, if the bird is not sociable don’t place it in a spot with a lot of activity. You also need to make sure that after you added the swings, toys and feeders your bird will still have a lot of place to move.

If you add ladders and swings your bird will be very happy as it needs a lot of places to stay and relax. Also you can place natural branches inside the bird house because it will create a more natural environment for your bird; the best materials you should use are ash tree, elm tree, magnolia, etc. Don’t use plastic or other chemical products, only use natural things because the bird will chew almost everything.

The dishes which are placed inside must measure the appropriate size, easy to replace and easy to clean because these things must be done every day. Make sure that your bird knows how to use them and they are easy to fill and wash.

Every kind of bird has its own needs and each bird has its own likes and dislikes and what a bird owner should do is to make sure that the bird has all the comfort it needs and nothing can harm it. Also the bird will need all the love and care it can get; you shouldn’t treat it like a decorative object but more like a friend which brightens the place.

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