Journey of Your Senses: Get Back to Knowing Yourself Through Your Senses

(PRWEB) July 27, 2005

Journey of Your Senses knows the first one we neglect; ourselves. See how to utilize exquisitely scented candles, thin and supple massage oils, as well as direct links for mouth-watering cuisine in order to help you get in better touch with yourself through meditation and relaxation.

We have “Sensory Helpers” in order to help each and every one of your senses get going. For the sense of “Smell” there are scented candles, and incense as well as the holders for them. For the sense of “Hearing” we have desk fountains, for relaxing, as well as wind chimes. For the sense of “Sight” we have art pieces, as well as the most extensive bird house and bird feeder assortment you’ll find anywhere! On your journey of “Touch” we have some wonderfully scented massage oils, lotions, some “tools” to make it easier, and some wonderfully relaxing “Tub Teas”. Your “Taste” sense-sations will thank you when you introduce them to some of the best tasting gourmet websites on the internet!

Just as they discovered in ancient temple ceremonies, through your senses you can raise your conscious awareness; and when your awareness is raised, it makes you more at peace inside; which makes you more content as a human being; which also, by the way, makes you nicer to other people; which makes them nicer to you…see how the ball keeps rolling?

Take the Journey of Your Senses…you’ll be glad you did!


Journey of Your Senses: Get Back to Knowing Yourself Through Your Senses

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