Brome 1024 Squirrel Buster Plus Wild Bird Feeder with Cardinal Perch Ring

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Brome 1024 Squirrel Buster Plus Wild Bird Feeder with Cardinal Perch Ring
Manufacturer: Brome
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Product Description

Squirrel Buster Plus Bird Feeder with Removable Cardinal Ring This posigrip ring system has been specifically designed to attract cardinals. These perennial favorites have two very distinct features: small necks and big feet. They prefer gripping a thicktextured perch and facing their food source directly. Cardinals dislike turning their heads to feed. The Squirrel Buster Plus Cardinal Ring perch system allows them to eat facing the seed while providing a secure and comfortable perch. These cardinalfriendly feeding features combined with a bush level location make Squirrel Buster Plus very inviting to cardinals. The seed ports close automatically when a squirrel climbs onto the feeder. Birdwatch America's Best New Product Award. Seed capacity: 3 quarts.

Product Details

  • Wild bird feeder with 6 feeding stations, adjustable perches, and optional cardinal perch ring
  • Green powder-coated aluminum; reservoir made of UV-stabilized polycarbonate plastic
  • 3-quart seed capacity; adjustable spring mechanism closes seed ports to deter squirrels
  • Unique seed ventilation system; easy to disassemble for cleaning; 6-inch hanger included
  • Measures 22 by 6-1/2 by 6-1/2 inches

Customer Reviews

You can't buy a better feeder
Review Date: December 24, 2005
Reviewer: R. Weybright, Rock Island, Illinois
This feeder is the best I've had, and I have had a bunch. It has a huge capacity so you don't have to fill it very often. It is almost impossible for squirrels to stand on and if they manage to get a foothold their weight closes the feeding ports so they can't get anything. You can adjust it to exclude large birds such as starlings and grackles. When it needs to be cleaned you just put it in the dishwasher. When an especially crafty squirrel tried to chew it's way in to my feeder I informed Brome about the damage and they sent me a replacement part for free! Squirrel busters have a lifetime warranty against squirrel damage. I have had mine for about 3 years and couldn't be happier with it. If you only have one bird feeder in your life this should be the one.
Don't let the high price scare you...
Review Date: May 15, 2006
Reviewer: M. Bergeron, Colchester, VT United States
My issue isn't squirrels, it's starlings and grackles. They'll empty a feeder in a day or two and keep the 'desired' birds from feeding. This feeder thwarts these pest birds better than any other feeder or feeder cage that I've tried. The smaller birds have no trouble getting to the seed and we've even had a pair of cardinals feed for the first time in the three years we've been feeding. I'm thoroughly satisfied so far with this item and am buying one for my father and one for my sister. Highly recommended.
It does indeed deter squirrels as well, I watched one try again and again to acess this feeder to no avail. However, the local starlings have learned to grasp the cardinal ring and flap enough to partially open the feed ports (clever little buggers). The cardinal ring will be removed to eliminate that issue. The versitility of this feeder is wonderful.
The best feeder!
Review Date: January 8, 2006
Reviewer: L. Schweikert, NE Ohio
This is the second Squirrel Buster feeder I've bought. I've had the first one for over five years and am replacing an old feeder (not a Squirrel Buster). This feeder is the best feeder made to discourage squirrels from emptying seed. Our area is loaded with squirrels and they have tried everything to get to the seed in the feeder, with no luck. One time they did damage the feeding ports in an attempt to get at the sunflower seeds and when I contacted the company, they sent me a new part at no charge. Another time these darned squirrels actually chewed on the metal lid and again, the company sent me a new part. I would not hesitate to recommend this feeder to anyone, especially if you are bothered by raiding squirrels. The feeder is well made and holds quite a bit of seed (I use sunflower seeds in it)and is very easy to clean. It is well worth the cost. The customer service I've received from this company is absolutely top-notch.
Great Bird Feeder if set up right
Review Date: October 17, 2008
Reviewer: Andree Leblanc, Orlando, Florida
Watch Video Here: I am pleased with this feeder. The construction is excellent and I've been enjoying the return of my titmice. You've got to hang the feeder, though, where squirrls can't hang from a branch and hold down the ring to get the seed. Squirrels must be very smart. I'll probably buy another. 5 stars! See my video of this feeder in action at videos! Update 1/09: I did buy a second feeder and love it. I took it apart and washed it in the dishwasher which was great. One night I saw a rodent on it and I wanted then to sterilize it. I've owned lots of feeders and this one really brings in the smaller birds. Note: Interior screw is plastic. If you put a little vaseline on it, the bolt goes on a lot easier. Gee, they could have used a metal thread! Still 5 star.
I wish I'd bought this earlier!
Review Date: November 12, 2006
Reviewer: Charles H. Kuttner, Portland, OR USA
I have bought enough cheap bird feeders to pay for this feeder several times over. I am really happy we got it. A local bird shop was going out of business and I bought it on clearance, but I would have paid full price if I'd known how good this feeder is.

It's easy to fine-tune to keep out not only squirrels but bigger birds, it holds a huge amount of seed, and the birds seem to spill much less than with other feeders. The loop on the top, combined with the instructions' suggestion of using a clip-hook (the kind of thing on the end of a dog's leash) on a screw-eye means the squirrels not only can't take the seed, they can't knock this feeder down. And it's easy to clean.

This is definitely the best feeder we've ever had, and keeps us and the birds happy.
Makes bird watching more fun!
Review Date: March 15, 2007
Reviewer: E. Calban, NY, USA
I delayed purchasing this item for awhile because the price seemed like a lot for a bird feeder. I'm really glad I finally splurged because I will easily recover the entire cost in saved bird seed just this winter.

I put ours outside the bedroom window and in the morning we can lie in bed and watch all the different varieties of birds take turns having breakfast. The larger Blue Jays and Grackles still get fed, but I have the spring set so that the ports close down partially for them and they can no longer PIG out on our expensive seed. It's also fun watching the squirrels try repeatedly to get at the seed...but they never do.

The kids really enjoy being so close to the feeder that the birds can watch them too! They think the Chickadees are cute because they have to stand on tip toes to get at the seed and they look like little kids trying to reach the cookie jar. The youngest calls Titmice "Mohawk birds" because of their funky top feathers. She is also doing a science project identifying all the different varieties that we get at the feeder.

This is a very thoughtfully designed product that is well worth the price.

Effective with attention to design
Review Date: January 29, 2007
Reviewer: P. A. Yohe, Carbondale, IL USA
I am amazed how much I truly enjoy looking at this feeder every morning. With some products you know serious thought went into every aspect of their design, this is one.

The price is quite reasonable for such a high quality feeder. I will easily make up the cost in seed savings alone.

My only disappointment was I never got to see squirrels try to get into the feeder. The squirrels, which used to be all over my old feeder, sit within a foot and a half of the Squirrel Buster Plus, get a forlorn look on there face, and walk away.

I love it but the squirrels hate it!
Review Date: November 7, 2006
Reviewer: Patricia C. Fleming, Greenwood, IN
I received my Squirrel Buster Plus feeder a few days ago and I couldn't be more pleased. I was turning into a crazy woman trying to chase the squirrels off my old feeder. I added the cardinal ring and my first visitor was a beautiful pair of cardinals. After only a few minutes, a pesky squirrel attempted to attack the feeder. It has been fun and entertaining to watch them try to no avail!
I highly recommend the product and with a lifetime warranty, you can't go wrong!
Disgruntled squirrel/happy birds
Review Date: January 11, 2007
Reviewer: J. Campbell, Baltimore, MD USA
I bought the model with the cardinal perch and it does indeed attract cardinals and other, smaller birds. I knew it was a success when the local squirrel gave me a dirty look after he tried to foil the doors that close automatically and was totally unsuccessful.
Best Squirrel-proof feeder
Review Date: July 20, 2006
Reviewer: J. CARLINE, Westchester, NY USA
After watching the squirrels ravage our last feeder we bought the Squirrel Buster based on its positive reviews. The squirrels attacked it for a couple of days, but the device effectively shuts off the seed when the squirrels' weight closes the openings. Eventually they gave up and are satisfied with the leftovers on the ground. A great product that performs as advertised.

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