2nd-to-no-1-in-pet-supplies.com Makes Shopping for Pet Supplies and Pet Insurance Easier and More Enjoyable

Swansea (PRWEB) December 27, 2004

While online shoppers are looking for the best Pet Supplies for their best friend, many may find it difficult and not know where to go or look because there are so many options.

That’s why Glenn Sarault, owner of SunBright Publishing, launched http://2nd-to-no-1-in-pet-supplies.com this week. “There are so many companies and so much information out there that can make it difficult to shop for Pet Supplies. But at http://2nd-to-no-1-in-pet-supplies.com, we’ve done all the work so our customers don’t have to,” Sarault said.

Sarault features individually selected companies on the Web site that provide a large selection of name brand, high quality products, dedicated customer support and expert information. Sarault researches and tests Pet Supplies companies and posts the better-quality companies on http://2nd-to-no-1-in-pet-supplies.com. The company review process includes examining each company’s attention to detail and the feedback from each company’s visitors.

The Web site also provides customers with articles that provide tips and information about the types of Pet Supplies they are looking for. For example,

“It’s important to know that your dog training techniques will achieve there desired goal:

Over 90% of all dog training professionals don’t really know what they’re doing. It’s important to be careful on who you seek out for advice in training your dog.

If the wrong dog training techniques are used you could cause more frustration for you and the dog. If you would rather have someone else do your dog training please consider the following:

-Reputation: Shop around and get recommendations from your vet.

-Experience: Inquire about his or her training background, years of dog training experience, and areas of expertise.

-Humane training methodology: Reputable trainers are concerned about the dog’s welfare.

-Love and devotion to dogs. The enjoyment of living and working with dogs makes this person shine.

-Extensive behavioral knowledge: Committed trainers keep themselves up-to-date by attending dog training and animal behavior courses.

-Excellent teaching and communication skills: Trainers who have this gift make the learning process quicker, easier and more enjoyable for their students.

-Ethics before profit: Is profit his primary motive for training dogs? Is everything this trainer does geared towards making money?

-Make sure a dog trainer comes highly recommended to you by “at least” one reputable source, and beware of dog trainers who care more about publicity and public relations..” according to the Web site.

Other advice and helpful information about Pet Supplies, Aquariums, Bird Cages, Bird Feeders, Dog Grooming, Dog Training, Pet Insurance and Pet Medications can also be found on http://2nd-to-no-1-in-pet-supplies.com.

“We’ve taken the time to shop around and help narrow down your many choices in Pet Supplies and Pet Medications for value and satisfaction. You’ll be happy with your connection to select companies that also feature outstanding Dog Training advice to help you and your best friend enjoy each other even more.” Sarault said.


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2nd-to-no-1-in-pet-supplies.com Makes Shopping for Pet Supplies and Pet Insurance Easier and More Enjoyable

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