Droll Yankees CJTHM36Y 36-Inch Yellow 20-Port Thistle Seed Feeder for Finches

Overall Rating:

36" Metal top thistle feeder with 20 seed ports in Golfinch Yellow finish. Includes chew-proof stainless steel wire hanger loop. Metal tops and bases are zinc diecastings to last a lifetime. Cap fits tightly to prevent predator intrusion. Aluminum perch rods are indestructable. UV stabilized, clear polycarbonate tube won't yellow with age. Offset feeding ports provide maximum feeding access. Angle[Read More]

Droll Yankees YCPD90 Dipper Squirrell

Overall Rating:

With cheerful songs and gentle grace, birds bring charm and enrich the natural environment of most every yard. While plants, flowers, and bird feeders provide food for our feathered friends, smaller birds must compete with pesky squirrels and large nuisance birds, for a bite of birdseed. To encourage these small, feathered friends, the ornithological-minded folks at Droll Yankees created this Dipp[Read More]

Droll Yankees CJTHM15G 15-Inch Green New Generation Thistle Feeder

Overall Rating:

The Droll Yankees New Generation Thistle Feeder features an excellent design that will make a wonderful addition to any backyard sanctuary. Birds may rest comfortably on the six individual perches at the thistle seed ports. The clear, U.V. stabilized, polycarbonate feeder tube keeps the seed level visible at all times and is perfect for holding 1.5 pounds of seed. The cap, base, and perches are du[Read More]

Droll Yankees YCPT360 Yankee Tipper Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder

Overall Rating:

The Yankee Tipper collapsible mechanical feeding tray is weight-activated using a patented Droll Yankees design. Song birds can eat, but a squirrel?s weight on the seed tray causes it to tip down. 21" long tubular feeder with 5 lb seed capacity. Sturdy stainless steel wire hanger will not rust. Metal cap fits snugly so that squirrels cannot pry it off. 4-1/2" diameter seed tube is made of UV stabi[Read More]

Droll Yankees A6F 16-Inch Pewter 6 Port Sunflower Tubular Feeder

Overall Rating:

This Droll Yankees bird feeder combines a classic tube feeder design with high quality construction and practical function to bring birds into your outdoor environment. Invite the birds in your habitat to feed comfortably from any of the six individual perches at the reinforced seed ports. The clear, polycarbonate feeder tube keeps the seed level visible at all times and is perfect for holding 1.5[Read More]

Droll Yankees TH3 16-Inch Polished Pewter Bird Feeder for Nyjer (Thistle) Seed

Overall Rating:

16" tall, 2.5" diameter. 1-pound capacity. 8 ports. Stainless steel armor deters squirrels. Durable polished pewter finish

Droll Yankees YCPW180 Whipper Bird Feeder, Dark Blue

Overall Rating:

The Yankee Whipper features collapsible mechanical perch rods that are weight-activated using a patented Droll Yankees design. The curved perches attract a wide variety of birds including cardinals, but squirrels on the perches cause them to collapse. The perch re-sets automatically after the squirrel slips off. 21-Inches long tubular feeder with five pound seed capacity. Sturdy stainless steel wi[Read More]

Droll Yankees YF Flipper Bird Feeder

Overall Rating:

This Yankee Flipper squirrel-proof feeder is the ultimate feeder for keeping your feathered friends fed, and the furred fiends hungry. Let's talk about the basics first. The sturdy polycarbonate feeding chamber is a whopping 4-3/4 inches in diameter and 21 inches long, giving you a break between refills--and ensuring that squirrels can't hang down from the top to reach seed. The four feeding [Read More]

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