How can you make a small flying bird from simple materials?

Question by computerboyjeff: How can you make a small flying bird from simple materials?
I need to know how to make a small model bird that flies, using only simple materials and only powered by an elastic band, a spring, or a balloon.

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Answer by hanumaster
lol, that sounds really funny, is there really such a thing?

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My kids are 4 and 3, I’m looking for a simple and easy way to build a birdhouse and or bird feeder with them?

Question by Joy: My kids are 4 and 3, I’m looking for a simple and easy way to build a birdhouse and or bird feeder with them?
Any ideas?

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Answer by momtosix
They have some really cool ones that are crafts at stores like Michaels…I have seen all sorts of stuff like that there.

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Q&A: How can I start a simple garden?

Question by hellokitty6134: How can I start a simple garden?
Can anyone tell me how I can start a simple garden in my backyard. I want to just be able to plant flowers that can grow in shade, and make it beautiful, but I’m on a budget.

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Answer by Lewis A
get a shovel, and dig up the ground. Then go buy seeds, and plant them

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how to build a simple humming bird feeder?

Question by joel_wwh94: how to build a simple humming bird feeder?
how to build a simple humming bird feeder using simple items

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Answer by Rose
Walk out the door, get in car or bus, head to Home Depot, grab a “natural” bird feeder, walk to cashier, pay, take home.

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A Simple Lantern Bird House Will Make Your Garden More Attractive And Unique

by SFB579

A Simple Lantern Bird House Will Make Your Garden More Attractive And Unique

If you feel that your garden is too plain, then you can improve its appearance by adding attractive outdoor accessories. Some outdoor furniture, beautiful statues, and unique garden ornaments will brighten up your outdoor space so it will appear much more enjoyable.

An accessory that you should consider is the one that can attract wildlife creatures. A bird house is perhaps the easiest way to attract these wildlife creatures. This simple structure can serve as a beautiful accessory in the garden while also provides an essential space for birds to nest it. This is a good approach to bring life to your garden and make it more cheerful.

Nowadays the design of bird house has improved significantly. There are various designs that you can choose depending on your preference and budget. There is also a trend that demands the bird house to appear like a normal outdoor accessory. In spite of its external appearance, it still has a chamber that allows birds to nest in.

One example of bird houses that appear like an accessory is the lantern bird house. It still maintains its function as a bird house, but it also appears unique and nothing like the traditional bird house that you may see in your grandparents’ yard. A lantern bird house actually appears like an oil lantern on a post. If you place a lantern bird house, you will surprise how it will change the appearance of your garden. This is a good idea to add charm to the garden without blowing up your budget.

If you want to go further in decorating your garden, you should consider creating a decorating theme. There are many themes that you can choose to incorporate the lantern bird house. One of the most common themes in this case is the city street theme. You can modify your garden to appear like a section of a city. Perhaps you can make the garden path to resemble a sidewalk. You can add street signs and flower pots for authenticity. Then you can place the lantern bird house to be a streetlight somewhere in the corner.

This is only one option that you can consider. There are many other themes that you can choose and still use the lantern bird house as a part of the theme. If you want to find out more themes, then you should browse around the internet. There are a lot of online resources that will help you to come up with interesting themes to decorate your outdoor space. Once you select the theme that you like and put it in place, you will surprise how your garden has changed. It will become the envy of the neighborhood.

Cindy Heller is a professional writer. To learn more about handmade metal bird house, please visit how to build a bird house.

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Accessorizing Your Home Garden: 10 Simple Tips

Accessorizing Your Home Garden: 10 Simple Tips

A well-kept garden is a joy to behold. Adding to the curb appeal of your home, carefully chosen garden accessories can match or contrast with the style and color of your house. Whether you are a weekend flowerbed gardener, or whether your garden is planned to feed your family through the winter, lovely and fanciful accessories will add to the enjoyment of the outdoor living space.

Surround your garden with fencing

Fencing for your garden is needed to keep wildlife from eating the nasturtiums but it also provides a quiet oasis to enjoy the beauty of your planned garden. Fencing can be six foot high cedar that blocks traffic noise, or it can be white wicker that is only tall enough to delineate the perimeter of your garden.

Don’t leave your garden in the dark

Think about accent lighting highlighting your prize plantings. Patio lights can be judiciously used to make your gazebo comfortable for a late evening get together with friends. Insect zapper lights get mixed reviews, since they can be noisy as the insects are incinerated. They also tend to have a harsh brightness that is annoying to some. On the positive side, outlining pathways with small lights prevents stumbles in the twilight.

Garden furniture

Spending a lot of time just relaxing and enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of a flower garden can be done from a gazebo with sturdy and comfortable garden furniture. Tables, chairs, lounges and foot stools are obvious choices for furniture in the garden area. A grill or barbecue unit located nearby means guests can enjoy the space while grilling fresh produce from the garden. Corn on the cob from the vegetable garden can’t get any fresher.

Plan garden beds

Many gardens would be beautifully accessorized by adding carefully chosen raised garden beds. Look at the style of your house and design the garden plots for pansies or potatoes in garden beds that enhance the look of the house. For example, if your house is split level suburban, why not add a couple split level beds. The construction materials for the garden beds can be anything from concrete to Plexiglas.

Garden in three dimensions

Well-planned flower vegetable or even herb gardens don’t have to stay at ground level. If your square footage is limited, cube it by the use of attractive and functional trellises or rails to bring plantings into the air. Surround a tree with vinyl coated wire and bring climbing roses into view.  Create a secluded outdoor room by trellises covered with decorative flowers, vines or even vegetables. Scarlet runner beans are pretty to look at and nutritious to eat.

Make pathways interesting

A planned garden that has permanent beds can also have interesting and decorative pathways.  Think about using aquarium colored pebbles with a seashell motif for edging. Try pathways that meander according to your planned beds rather than sticking to straight lines. Maybe you would like to have a yellow brick road as a pathway in your garden.

Choose colorful or whimsical containers

If a large garden is too much to manage in your free time, or if you are working in limited space, think about establishing your garden in unusual containers. Or, such containers can be simply an interesting accessory to the real garden. Colorful ceramic pots in large sizes and shapes can be placed randomly amongst the flower beds to hold herbs or a salad or two. An old claw footed bathtub or a little red wagon both make great containers for garden plants.

Add Color

You can add color by the plants that you choose or by the containers you pick for spots of color.  Look for ways to make color spots show up even better by putting them against contrasting background of other plants, walls or trellises.
Delight the wee folk

Adding whimsical statuary or ornaments to your garden plots can be fun and useful as well.  Garden gnomes, leprechauns and perhaps even a fairy or too can be an adventure to undertake with your child or grandchild. A ceramic frog by a garden pond is a common sight around gardens, but have you ever seen a dragonfly or a small fire breathing dragon. Choose a copper weather vane or a bird house decorated like a fairy tale castle.

Five senses

A well planned garden with carefully chosen accessories will be a delight to all five senses. You see the beautiful colors in the plants, flowers and accessories. You feel the texture of the earth as well as the crisp vegetables that are picked for culinary enjoyment. You can smell the perfume of the flowers and trees. Tasting fresh produce from the garden is a bonanza for your taste buds.  Finally, your sense of hearing is able to pick up the sound of the wind in a set of wind chimes.  Wind chimes are decorative and can sound melodic or mournful, tinkling or hearty.  

Plan your garden accessories to appeal to each and every human sense and your garden will be a place where your spirit is uplifted.

Information on acacia longifolia can be found at the Acacia Plant site.

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Learn How To Create A Simple Bird Feeder Extremely Easily

Learn How To Create A Simple Bird Feeder Extremely Easily

More and more people are making an actual start with the woodworking craft on a regular basis. Woodworking makes use of real wood and particular tools to create delightful items which could last a lifetime. For everyone who is still a new comer to woodworking, this is actually the perfect undertaking to get started with. For a simple bird feeder, all you are going to require is some cedar wood, cedar shingles, a dowel, window screen, and outdoor patio screws to keep everything together.

There is a quite simple bird feeder plan that you could experiment with and all you need to create it is cedar wood, shingles, dowel, window screen, and some glue and deck screws to hold everything together. This will almost certainly give birds an adequate position to stand up on in which they will not fall and also help to make the bird feeder look great. The first needs to be larger, drilled in about four inches up coming from the base of the wood and about 1 ¼” in size. Keep in mind, the very best woodworkers invariably measure two times and cut once.

Understand that fine woodworkers consistently measure 2 times and cut one time and this is a rule to live by. Drill a smaller hole underneath the large hole that you just made, about ¼” in dimensions. Next you should cut two sides at 1 ½ x 6″ and the front just a bit bigger at 1 ½ x 8″. Now you need to assemble all the different pieces.

Now that you’ve got all of your pieces you can start joining them together and actually developing your bird feeder. Countersink 2 holes inside the backside which you’ll make use of to mount the sides and epoxy both sides onto the back. Carpenter’s glue is ideal for this as it is really powerful and standard glues might not hold the wood adequately. Glue and nail the front piece onto the two sides next, then staple the screen on the base of the bird feeder.

Once you have the front and base glued on you can begin putting in nails. Now you cut the dowel down and epoxy it inside the smaller hole you developed previously, subsequently epoxy and nail on the two roof parts so they come together and join up properly. It is a very simple diy woodwork plan yet one which can still be a challenge for starters. This is a really basic do-it-yourself wood working project that even a novice can master, and a superb project to utilize to get your foot within the doorway.

I really enjoy writing articles on woodworking subjects such as this, but there are other subjects that I enjoy writing about too. One of these subjects is baby trend car seat. If you’d like to find out more on this topic then you can certainly at

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This video teaches how to build a backyard birdfeeder using simple tools and pretreated lumber. This is a project that anyone who can use a circular saw can accomplish. Step by step instructions taught by Matt Fox of and HGTV’s room by room.
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