Saucer full of bee’s

Bee’s having a snack… Sugar water left over from filling Humming bird feeders.

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Hummingbirds at Wild Birds Unlimited No Drip/Bee/Ant Saucer feeder When you are looking for a new feeder make sure it is easy to fill and easy to clean. This is important especially in hummingbird feeders which should be cleaned and refilled with sugar water at least once a week and more often during warmer weather. My favorite hummingbird feeder is the original Wild Birds Unlimited (WBU) saucer style. These hummingbird feeders are easy to fill and more importantly easy to clean. The saucer style is leak proof and bee resistant and the built in ant-moat stops ants from reaching the nectar. The feeder has perches (I love it when they stop to drink) and three feeding ports. The cover is bright to attract hummingbirds and has raised flowers to prevent rain from running into the bowl. Both the cover and the clear bowl are constructed with UV stable poly carbonate, the most durable plastic available and are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. The hanging rod is solid brass. Feeders can be hung or post mounted. It comes with a lifetime guarantee, and is made in the USA. This WBU saucer style comes in different sizes and colors too.
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how to make a cup and saucer bird feeder?

Question by Watch Dawg: how to make a cup and saucer bird feeder?
I have seen bird feeders made with cup and saucers. They’re mounted on a rod that you stick in the ground. Anybody know how to mount the cup and saucer on the rod.

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Answer by reynwater
Masonry bit, drill hole in cup and saucer. Threaded tubing, nut, saucer, cup, nut. Stick in ground, fill with seed.

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