Wild Bird Feeding Methods – What You Can Do To Aid Wild Bird Populations

Wild Bird Feeding Methods – What You Can Do To Aid Wild Bird Populations

The much more substantial ports carry out greatest with sunflower seeds, peanuts, cracked corn or wild bird mixes.


Suet feeders are usually wire cages that manage suet cakes or nuggets and are inclined to appeal to bluebirds, chickadees, nuthatches, mockingbirds, thrushes, vireos, warblers and woodpeckers.


Irrespective of the wide range of feeder you decide on out, standard care and cleansing will be demanded. A regular monthly cleaning with warm soapy water or 1 particular component bleach to 9 areas consuming h2o gets rid of bacteria, mildew or fungus.


Picking the meals


As with choosing out the ideal type of feeder, putting out the correct sort of foods will permit you entice the particular types of birds you want in your lawn. Some birds are opportunists and will try to eat a choice of food items numerous persons are picky eaters.


Black Oil Sunflower is among the most sought right after seeds for a massive array of birds, it’s great entire body excess fat subject matter material presents a great deal necessary electrical power. Black Oil sunflower attracts chickadees, cardinals, nuthatches, goldfinches and juncos.



Striped sunflower is a superior oil material seed that is attractive to more substantial birds because of to the point of its size and tough shell. Striped sunflower attracts blue jays, woodpeckers, grosbeaks, titmice and cardinals.


Nyjer is deemed the exceptional seed for attracting lots of varieties of finches and other smaller songbirds. This smaller seed is rich in oil and protein as incredibly nicely as superior in diet so it attracts American Goldfinches, purple finches, Home finches and indigo buntings.


Safflower is a increased oil data seed that is extremely appealing to chickadees, thrashers nuthatches and grosbeaks.


Millet is usually the favored foods of birds that favor smaller sized seeds and it is an Superb resource of starch, vitamins and minerals. Ordinarily, millet attracts Sparrows, juncos, towhees, mourning doves and chickadees.


Peanuts are a fairly quite excellent resource of weight and protein and can be supplied possibly comprehensive or Shelled. Blue jays, titmice, woodpeckers, nuthatches and bluebirds delight in Consuming peanuts.


Cracked corn is a excellent resource of oil and starch and is an in unique advantageous meals to feed though in the winter months months. Cracked corn will draw in bluebirds, mourning doves, juncos, indigo buntings and woodpeckers.


Wild bird mix, normally featuring millet and sunflower, has the appropriate range of substances to appeal to numerous unique variations of birds. Cardinals, chickadees, nuthatches, mourning doves and white crowned sparrows will be attracted to a wild bird mix.


Sunflower hearts or items have a substantial oil topic content presents a extremely nutritious meals that Leaves no seed hulls beneath the feeder.


As with all pets, eating plan plays a important role in parrot treatment. The right awareness on how to go about parrot feeding, what to feed it (they’re finicky), and at what instances of the day to give them food. In contrast to traditional pets like canines or felines, parrots don’t gobble up foods at any time of the day.


When you bring Polly residence to be a new member of your home, never panic if he appears to be to have a lack of appetite. This is almost certainly just a response to his new home. Give him time to alter and when he feels secure in your abode, he will start off to try to eat.

The writer for this report wishes to remain anonymous. Should you want to speak to this author, please depart a message in the responses part of 1 of the created content articles… cheers! Misconceptions About Bird Feeding, Nutritious Bird Food

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Bird control, bird spikes- and methods how to control birds

Bird control, bird spikes- and methods how to control birds

The bird spike also known as anti- roosting spike.  It is device consisting of long, needle-like rods used for bird control     They can be attached to building ledges, street lighting, and commercial signage to prevent wild or feral birds from perching or roosting. They can be attached to building ledges, street lights birds from perching or roosting. Bird can produce large quantity of unsightly fences. Bird spikes are usually normally around 1 foot      Bird control spikes are most common in coastal areas and in city areas, where feral birds are more common and more likely to come into conflict with humans. The spikes can become clogged by leaves, debris and bird feathers.

The bird spike can be plastic spikes as well as stainless steel spikes. Most bird spikes do not harm birds in any way, they only prevent them from landing in areas where they can become harmful to people or property. These spikes are available in different shapes and sizes. The size and shape of the spike is dependent on what type of bird you’re trying to diversion. Bird spikes are made in one-foot or two-foot lengths, with different widths.  The widths of the spikes are usually 3″, 5″ and 8″.  The width of the bird spike used is determined by the area to be covered. The best way solution for chasing away birds and pigeons is to use stainless steel wire and stainless steel bird spikes designed to create a barrier that chases away birds or pigeons. The plastic spikes are sub divided into: 2″ wide plastic spikes and 4″ plastic spikes. The stainless steel spikes can be slim, regular and extra wide. Bird spikes have been the most effective type of bird deterrent.  They are also one of the most economical pest bird deterrents; requiring little to no maintenance once installed.


The best bird spikes have a flexible base.  This means they will easily conform to curved areas, an ideal feature for many outdoor signs and other hard-to-cover areas. The surface should be dry and free of bird droppings and other nesting debris. When using glue to install the bird spikes, apply the glue generously onto the base of the spike (about 1/2-inch thick). For uneven surfaces, you’ll need to apply more glue to ensure a firm seal. Be sure to press the base of the spike level with the edge of the surface. And remember to allow some overhang of the spike pins.
Birds are clever and will find a way to sneak around the spikes. For really wide ledges, use three or more rows of spikes and make sure to limit the gap between rows to two inches or less. Pest birds will find the cavity behind a spike strip and sneak in, so be aware of this and install the spikes carefully.

author is an executive with usabird bird spikes

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Growing Vertically in Small Spaces – Examples of Vertical Gardening Trellis Methods

John from visits a local community garden and shares with you some examples of vertical trellis methods. Watch this video to get ideas on how to grow vertically when using Square Foot Gardening SFG or not.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Different Bird Control Methods

Different Bird Control Methods

Birds are the creatures. Birds are very beautiful creatures. There are different types of birds in the world. But some time birds become dangerous. Bird control is also important in that way also because it create health problems. Birds become very much bad. What birds eat? Take an example of birds like pigeons. Pigeons eat special mixtures of feeding which contain bacteria that can modify the metabolism of pigeons. That metabolism turns the faces of pigeons into detergent.

Wildlife is growing industry that is very much in demand. You can visit in any city so that there is wide variety of wildlife parks available. You can visit any city so you can see a wide variety of birds playing in water. There are different firms which are used in controlling the birds. But we are also spoiling the life of birds. We are using there houses so that they will be in trouble. Birds are considered to be in trouble by those persons who playing in golf course and airports. There are many different ways to control the birds. We can also use the dogs to bird control. There are different dogs which are trained for bird controlling. There are different trainees which can be trained to control the birds. The dogs are trained to control those birds that are dangerous to human. The dogs get training when they are about 3 years old. There are different dogs whose jobs is this only.

There are also different bird control techniques which can be used. Bird netting is the biggest techniques which can be used for bird control. Bird spike can be used to bird control. There are also some chemical methods that can be used in bird control. Bird spikes are also a very much useful device to control the birds. The chemicals bird repellent use the liquid which is very much bitter in teaste.It also include the gel which can be used to bird control.


Author is an executive with bird control methods. For more information on Bird Netting visit our website.

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Bird Repeller vs. Ultrasonic Bird Repeller – Comparison between the 2 preventive bird proof methods

Bird Repeller vs. Ultrasonic Bird Repeller – Comparison between the 2 preventive bird proof methods

The Bird Repeller helps to protect objects from being landed on by birds. The telescopic arms of the Bird Repeller extend each giving a total diameter of covered space. These arms are in constant motion, turning at a speed and it is the arms in motion which deters birds from the area stopping the birds from being able to land near the device. The Bird Repeller is suitable bird proof method for deterring such birds as pigeons, crows, gulls even vultures! It is suitable for use on most flat surfaces such as signs, boats, streetlights, A.C. units, docks, walls and roofs, chimneys, skylights and many more. Some thought must be given into placing the device, so that the solar panel is set up to point in a southward direction.


The Ultrasonic Bird Repellerspeakers set up a highly audible impression targeting birds and constantly delivering an intimidating bird proof sound that birds cannot stand. Ultrasonic Bird Repeller is environment friendly and harmless to birds. Bird Control has become highly important bird proof technique because all birds can cause serious problems. High concentration of uric acid in bird droppings can cause destruction of paint, staining of wood, eroding of metal and crumbling concrete and expensive stonework. Ultrasonic Bird Repeller plays important role to safeguard all these. Bird spikes are another method to keep birds away. Bird spikes keep birds from landing on rooftops, awnings, gutters and girders. Ultrasonic Bird Repelleroperates in ultrasonic using four loudspeakers to emit natural bird proof predator calls and bird distress & alarm signals, which confuse, disorient, and intimidate birds to quickly scare and keep birds away from the effectual vicinity.


Bird Control is very much essential to avoid intrusion of birds in unwanted areas such as crop fields, public monuments and buildings and disease that are caused by them. Bird Control is an effective bird proof method which is highly required these days in order to avoid intrusion of birds in unwanted areas such as crop fields, public monuments and buildings and disease that cause from birds.

Author is expert in writing article on Bird spikes.He has written many artices on Ultrasonic Bird Repeller,Bird Control and related topics.

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Eco Garden Room Methods

Eco Garden Room Methods

I. Garden Room Environment Connections

The Garden Room and its place in the world.
The Garden Room meets a need.
Garden Room Fantasies.


Every garden in the world is determined by its own biosphere. In Asia a historic garden room is the ‘pergola’ where foundations, four posts and a tiled or a thatched roof is the convention. So humid is it that in parts of Asia this works perfectly and allows for quick cover during tropical rain.

In contrast the thickly walled, Scandinavian log cabin has played an important role as a garden room, housing the family sauna or as a barbeque room, in Norway and Denmark since the Bronze era. Due to a shear number of  Scot’s Pine Trees available it offers a resourceful efficient building material. The USA and the west inherited a great deal of the building processes from Scandinavian regions and as a result it is a very common garden room style throughout the northern hemisphere of the world.


Here in Britain, life in the garden room varies from region to region.  Orchard rooms in Kent, Boathouses in Norfolk, Summerhouses in Devon, potting sheds in Yorkshire, Offices in London, holiday cabins in Scotland, work houses in Lincoln and kiosks in Essex. Garden room use changes by terrain, and the needs of the local people.


In Europe the garden room has evolved from a long history of early ‘AD’ pavilions for religious worship and also, from the 13th century, glass structures are used in to cultivate fruit and vegetables.


Later in European history we find a noticeable third reason for a garden room: to demonstrate wealth through the building of a folly. To create an impression within the grounds of their mansions and estates, the gentry of Europe built everything from pineapples to towers and temples to tree houses. In Europe, the garden room has been built in every shape and form.


Mother Nature has also been at work and has engineered the odd garden room of her own. See has created treehouses, nests, caves, dug outs, hives, tunnels, canopys, natural sunshades and grass houses.


Distant childhood memories provide a further twist on garden room dwellings. . As Beatrice Lillies elaborates in her 1934 record – there are “fairies at the bottom of the garden” and often the garden room takes centre stage. Fairytales and cartoons have fantasized of garden room flower pots in ‘The Wombles’; garden room tea pots in ‘Poddington Peas’ and let’s not forget Goldilocks’s experiences in the mysterious garden house or the adventures of The Three Little Pigs!

Throughout history the garden room has been more than a functional building. It is room for people to find themselves in, to explore their relationship with their own culture, their gods or themselves. It is a place of work, rest, play and worship.


The garden room protects its owner from demons. Used wisely the garden room protects your from extremes of weather, neighbours and intrusion. If you understand the peace and tranquillity of the garden then the garden room is yours to cultivate, and thrive in.


I. The Garden Room. A Product of Nature.
Mother Nature’s Garden Room Power


The Product of Nature: The Garden Room


If your garden room is an escape into your own, personal, piece of nature, it makes sense if the structure is built from natural materials so that it blends into it’s unique garden setting.


A garden room should not be made out of plastic and PVC. This is an affront to the natural world and avoids the necessity for all of us to be more environmentally considerate. You can limit the carbon footprint of a new garden building by using locally sourced, natural materials that will automatically make the building blend into the domestic garden environment.


When the Pilgrims landed on the shores of the New World at the beginning of the 1600′s, they faced incredible hardships whilst building settlements and finding the means to survive.  Materials that they had brought from Europe were unable to stand the new and harsh environments that the Pilgrims’ found themselves in.  A source of help came from the local, indigenous peoples.


In the early days the Native Americans and the Pilgrims enjoyed a more friendly relationship than what came later.  The early sharing that occurred between the groups is remembered in the American festival of Thanksgiving. One of the things shared by the Native Americans was the means to survive and build in the hostile American climate through the use of nature.


Western Red Cedar (Thuja Plicata) is the ideal material for roof shingles.  It is a durable and waterproof wood that survives the elements for decades.  It is the material that Native Americans used to build their canoes, fashioned simply from the logs of Western Red Cedar trees.  Able to remain in the water for long periods of time without succumbing to rot, it is a natural and renewable roofing material source that for a sustainable garden room.  The Thuja Plicata is also known for the smell of its cedar oil, which it keeps long after it has been cut into shingles, a welcome and soothing aroma in a garden environment.


As a proven example of the Western Red Cedar’s amazing endurance, many Native American Totem Poles have survived to the present day.  Another Native American use of the Western Red Cedar’s wood.


It’s a given that anything that can be used to build a boat is going to be a reliable material to survive the elements.  Like the Western Red Cedar’s use in Native American canoes, the best material for external wood cladding is Larch.  It is a tough and durable wood, famed for its waterproof properties.  Traditionally it was used in Europe for building fishing boats and it is still a favourite for yacht building. It lasts for years when used in salt water, one of the most corrosive natural elements on the planet.


As a living tree, the Larch is renowned for fast growth and its resistance to disease. These are properties that remain in the wood when it is harvested.  It is extremely resistant to rot, even when in contact with the ground, which will give any structure built with this material an extremely long life.  Larch is a fast growing tree, frequently grown in sustainable forests the UK. The British larch is known to be stronger and more durable than its European counterpart. This makes in a more sustainable choice than slow growing oak. Because the tree is grown in Scotland, its transport carbon footprint is small. A natural cladding wood for your garden room.


Comfort is important in the twenty first century garden room. As a nation devoted to  home improvements the British are no longer interested in shivering in the garden shed of sizzling in the summerhouse Controlling temperature plays a huge part in comfort in a garden building. A functional garden room must be cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  Insulation is the key ingredient in a comfortable and sustainable garden room. However, many insulation materials are made from PVC and are not good for the environment. So what can we use that is more environmentally friendly?


The answer to this question is another question – “what is it that keeps people warm?”  Answer – “jumpers”.  A pure wool jumper is always snugglier than one knitted with man-made materials.  Sheep’s wool can work as the perfect eco-friendly insulation. It grows naturally on the back of the sheep and is both sustainable and renewable.  There are two major suppliers of sheepswool insulation the UK, helping to reduce carbon foot print of homes and garden rooms: Second Nature and Black Mountain Insulation.


iii. Garden Room Design


Garden Room Form Over Fiction
Nature’s design: The Garden Room
Modern Garden Room Myths
Garden Room Plights


When designers and builders combine simple, classic designs with the simplest, natural materials then something special is created. Every spring, birds in their millions prepare their own garden room up in the trees, using delicately chosen twigs and insulation. The materials they use remain far longer than the nest is needed and the result is a sustainable garden room.


A real garden room is a form of human nest building. The garden room owner seeks a natural habitat in the garden, where he or she can either enjoy the garden, or completely ignore the garden and pursue their work or hobby. The garden room provides the escape that nature offers whilst deadheading the roses or escaping from the merry-go-round of life.


So there’s an enormous value in having a garden room, and the process involved in commissioning the right one can be demanding. We’ve all planned projects like this at some time or another in our lives… an idea, a big prevailing vision, then inspiration, followed by pricing, conformity and regulations, revising our ideas and our budget and then finally – decision time. But, in the end, the important thing is to be happy in a room of our own, at the bottom of the garden.

Matthew Wright, based in London, England. Writes to create client interest on ‘matter of fact’ subjects. Works on behalf of garden room company – Inside Out Buildings.

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Does anyone have any homemade methods to stop squirrels from stealing the food from a bird feeder?

Question by Gaza: Does anyone have any homemade methods to stop squirrels from stealing the food from a bird feeder?
I am making a home made bird feeder and would like abit more protection for my nuts (so to speak)

Best answer:

Answer by trouble
don’t worry about protecting your nuts because they are too small even for a squirrel

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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USA Bird Control-Specialized Birds control methods

USA Bird Control-Specialized Birds control methods

Birds are adorable creature in this globe. There are more than 10,000 species in this globe.  There are 3 types of birds. One is   Pet birds another is pest birds’ and last category is singing birds. They are free and go anywhere they like. The USABIRDCONTROL has been dedicated to its best pest solutions for their customers. The Bird Repeller helps to protect objects from being landed on by birds. The ultrasonic bird repellers are those devices to get rid of birds away. Ultrasonic bird repellers are categorized into Silent bird repeller and audible bird repeller.

The quad blaster is a full-featured ultrasonic silent bird control system that gets rid of stubborn bird infestations with a “Silent to Humans” audio attack.  The sounds are designed to puzzle, disorient, and intimidate pest birds to quickly shock them away from the effective area up to 6,400 square feet. The features of silent bird repeller- it covers 360degree area and it works 24/7(continuous operation). It is effective against pigeons, sparrows, swallows, starlings, bats, rodents and more.

Audible Bird repellent can help with this problem; they cover wide areas, and require no maintenance. The audible bird repellers are those repellers in which device are audible. Another type of audible bird repellents is the BROADBAND PRO it is one of example of audible bird repeller. Broadband PRO uses Ultrasonic (silent) and Sonic (audible) sounds plus three visual scare devices to scare both birds and bats away without harming them. Good bird repellent tools which can help us get rid of birds. In this the Products such as the Bird Spikes or Bird Gel work well in these circumstances. The bird netting acts as a physical barrier. Bird netting is a good bird repellent for warehouses, barns and other structures. Netting comes in 3/4″, 1-1/8″ and 2″ mesh sizes to repel sparrows, starlings, pigeons, and larger birds. The best netting is made of ISO 1806 mesh test polyethylene.

To get rid of birds we use other methods like bird liquid gel and other objects to get rid of birds.   The bird decoys are also good method to get rid of birds. The bird lite is a one of the important type of bird decoys. This type of bird decoys Scare away birds using an ultra bright light with the power of one-million-candles.  It is ideal   for dark areas indoor or semi-enclosed. Terror eye is also other example of bird decoys. In this it Scare away birds with a hanging inflatable scaring device.

author is an executive with usabirdbird repellent

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Small Acknowledged Methods to Efficiently Setup Your Finch Bird Feeders

Small Acknowledged Methods to Efficiently Setup Your Finch Bird Feeders

Finch bird feeders are a outstanding way of luring finches to your garden. These feeders can get the seed-consuming birds appropriate onto your porch, if you want. You can decide from a extensive array of finch bird feeders. Most bird feeders are specifically specially designed to meet the necessities of a specified sort of bird. Finches will absolutely advantage from this form of bird feeder.

Finches belong to the spouse and children of Fringillidae, beneath the Phylum Chordata. These birds are simply distinguishable with their medium-created bodies and bodily strong, stumpy beaks. Their method in flying is somewhat bouncy in nature, thereby, making a gleeful physical appearance in the surroundings. Most finches are very good singers as properly.

With that in thoughts, finches are mentioned to be excellent points of interest in one’s yard. Most finches would fancy to flock collectively in several superbly crafted finch bird feeders. The indistinguishable shade (vivid red) of the Property Finch’s chest and their extremely genial manners are the final aspects that make them feeder darlings. Goldfinches can also improve your feeding station as they flock hungrily in teams of 30 or extra.

Finches are generally seed lovers. They feed on essentially any variety of seeds but would really enjoy to devour on the seeds of trees, this kind of as pine, alder, maple, birch, sweet gum, and spruce. The Nyjer seed is an all-time favored of feeding finches all through the winter season.

They arrive in various types and sorts consisting of gazebo feeders, seed finch feeders, and wooden finch feeders.

In general, bird feeders are specially crafted devices set in the backyard or porch to produce bird food to many different forms of birds. Finch bird feeders are exclusive bird feeders designed to furnish seeds to finches considering that this type of bird are typically seed-eating birds.

Picking the suitable form of bird feeder is the selection element in luring birds to flock in the region. The place of the bird feeder as very well as the variety of food will also have an effect on the chances of attracting particular varieties of birds.

For instance, thistle seed finch feeder will frequently appeal to finches that choose thistle seeds. Thistle seed finch bird feeder features a drawn out tube that can hold as much as 1 quart of thistle seeds. It has a see-as a result of element, which permits the owner to observe seed stage any time.

Finch bird feeders can also lure other varieties of birds. Therefore, you should not be startled if ever you get to see completely different sorts of birds flocked up to your finch bird feeding station. Most finch bird feeders are also perfect for cardinal birds, redpolls, siskins, and grosbeaks.

To appeal to gorgeous finches in your region, it is very important to preserve these issues in head:

1. The appropriate position

Setting up a bird feeding station might not be so difficult. On the other hand, it is still vital to give some thought to some elements to assure finch-feeding success.

One particular of the most significant aspects to think about is the proper positioning of the finch bird feeder. Setting up a finch bird feeding station in your yard is the perfect spot seeing that this is extremely conducive to most finches. On the other hand, it is also encouraged that you site your finch bird feeder close your deck or window. In this way, you can without difficulty observe and appreciate viewing the finches as they gleefully like their sumptuous meal.

If inserting finch bird feeders near the window is not potential, it is finest to set the finch bird feeder in an place that is observable from indoors. It is also greatest to put finch bird feeders close the regions wherever the finches can effortlessly fly to safety if any danger need to take put.

2. Special region for finches

Levels of competition is always at hand every time there is no distinct spot for finch bird feeding station. Bigger birds may possibly flock the place, thereby, blocking the finches from getting their foods. If you have a separate bird feeder for greater birds and a specially created feeder station for the finches, each parties will take pleasure in their meals as properly as you will like their business inside your garden.

So the upcoming time you assume about setting up finch bird feeder, check out to give some thought to these aspects to enjoy bird viewing. This article is sponsored by oven fresh bites bird food. A nutritious bird food that is oven baked to perfection. Oven Fresh Bites bird food is the only gourmet bird food that is nutritious, all natural and a oven baked bird food.

CC&A Website Development, a Baltimore based website design and online marketing company. CC&A utilizes SEO, Social Media, and many other internet and online marketing techniques to bolster their client’s unique brand.

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Bird Off Methods that Work

Bird Off Methods that Work


You don’t have to be an ornithologist to know that birds come in two basic species: nice birds and pest birds. Nice birds coo and sing and flap their wings to inspire poets. Pest birds annoy and poop and destroy to inspire derision.


If you’re a property manager, all you want to do is keep birds off your property. That’s because you’ve seen, first hand, the serious damage pest birds can do. Their nests can clog and clutter ducts and gutters, causing roofs to leak and even collapse. Their poop can ruin expensive electrical equipment like air conditioning units, solar panels, and electrical boxes. This includes eating away at the insulation covering wires, which can eventually lead to sparks and fires.


If you’ve ever had a maintenance worker slip and fall on bird poop, you know the legal ramifications this can pose. Then there are the health hazards bird droppings can create. Unfortunately, many birds can carry any of 60 known diseases. Their nests are often filthy breeding grounds for these diseases, drawing flies and other disease carrying insects.


So how does one keep birds off their property?


The good news is, there are several effective pest bird deterrents on the market today. Each has its own merits. Some are basic and economical, exploiting a bird’s fears. Others are more active and prevent birds from landing. Still others use chemicals and physical deterrents to keep birds off your property.


If you’re on a budget, you might look into reflective foil banners, blow-up balloons or similar products designed to work on a bird’s psyche to scare them away. The foil banners crinkle in the wind, which annoys birds, leading them to believe that a predator bird is about to swoop down on them. Similarly, balloons covered with big predator eyes, wave in the breeze and convince pest birds that a giant predator has staked out their territory. Both balloons and banners are easy to install on overhangs, gazebos, patios, eaves, and other open areas. For best effect, you’ll need to change their position and color so birds don’t get used to them.


A little more sophisticated but exploiting the same basic bird psychology is the Bird Spider. These use spider arms that wave in the breeze to scare birds away. You can get these with various spider arm lengths to deter different sized of birds off your property. Use them for flat surfaces like tabletops, awnings, patio covers and canvas boat covers.


One can’t talk about bird off deterrents without mentioning the ubiquitous Bird Spike. Spikes have kept birds from annoying man for many decades. But only recently has the modern bird spike been refined to emerge as a truly effective pest bird deterrent. Yes, they look like they would impale anything that comes near them, but they’re harmless to birds and humans (people who install them and those who work around them).

Ideal for rooftops, awnings, gutters, girders, signs and ledges, the spikes are made of steel or rigid U.V.-resistant unbreakable polycarbonate.


One ingeniously simple way of keeping a bird off your home or building is the Bird Slope. Pest birds just slip and slide off these steep-angled PVC panels. You can order these panels in a number of popular colors to complement your building’s décor. You can install the panels on most any surface with screws or glue. Some manufacturers offer UV- stabilized polycarbonate panels, which last longer.


Our next bird deterrent keeps birds off by convincing them that it’s uncomfortable to land. Known as Bird Gel, it’s applied like caulk from a gun and when it dries, it leaves a really annoying sticky, tacky surface that birds despise. Ideal for flat or curved surfaces like parapet walls, conduit, pipes, ledges, and I-beams, gels need to be re-applied after 6 months for best results.


For those who prefer the straight out physical barrier method of bird off pest control, there’s Bird Netting. Ideal for atriums, orchards, vineyards and other open areas, bird control netting comes in 3/4″, 1-1/8″ and 2″ mesh sizes. The stuff keeps pest birds at bay without harming them. Choose agricultural netting to keep birds off fruit trees and crops, or heavy-duty netting to prevent pest birds from entering buildings and other structures. The best netting is U.V. stabilized, flame resistant and rot and waterproof.


If you want to give pest birds an attitude adjustment, there’s the Electric-Track.  Birds land on these electrified tracks and zap, they get that annoying tingling feeling that goes from their toes to their beak. While it won’t harm birds, it sends a message that this place is verboten. Ideal for ledges and rooftops, electric tracks are easily installed on flat or curved surfaces. Some low-profile track systems are practically invisible to those looking up from the ground, which makes them a favorite among architects. Other tracks feature a flow-thru design to prevent water from damming up on rooftops.


Seems everyone is going solar these days. So why not devices to keep a bird off your patio table or boat? Enter the Solar Powered Bird Repeller. It features spinning arms that whoosh pest birds away. Made to order for pigeons, seagulls and larger birds, solar powered repellers are ideal for signs, billboards, roofs, and other flat surfaces where bird poop is a no-no.


If you heard a snake in the bushes would you camp there? Sonic Pest Bird Repellers use the same fear principle. They scare birds off with sounds of distress and predator calls. Place them strategically on gazebos, rooftops backyards, patios, and other open spaces and you won’t have to worry about pest birds.


Finally, a favorite among growers and vintners, Bird Misting Systems use chemicals to keep birds off your property. They spray an atomized mist of methyl anthranilate into a large area frequented by pest birds. Birds hate this stuff and fly out of it as fast as they flew in. The harmless yet irritating grape extract can be found naturally in concord grapes. Ideal for sparrows, pigeons, starlings, crows, blackbirds and geese, these systems can cover a lot of ground with their multiple nozzles and spray units. Each can be separately controlled for maximum effect.










Alex Kecskes is a freelance writer focusing on humane bird control methods. If you would like to learn more about the bird control products listed in this article, please visit

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