I dreamt that I became a bird, any help?

Question by shanikqua t: I dreamt that I became a bird, any help?
I remember this dream I had last night.I was going over to my sis’ house and there was this really adorable guy waiting there for me and we sat there laughing and flirting and we wanted to kiss, but it felt so passionate just to be around each other.I was also sitting on his lap and he had this accent like a british one ,but he wouldn’t tell me his name and I kept getting the name Cannon. I also remember that I was looking out of the blinds and my sister’s boyfriend was looking out of my screen door across the street yelling for my sister and something else. I remember then that we decided to kiss,but he told me he was coming for me and then I woke up at 7 something to take something out for mom. When I went back to sleep, I dreamt that I was at my best friends house right by the apartments I live in and and we lived with some guy and MY mom, another friend of ours showed up with a guy friend of ours and I said goodbye to them them, because for someodd reason they were going someplace far away and they said they had lots of money and I try to find Linda,but she’s gone and so, the two that are leaving, I run after them and become a gray/black bird and fly along with them.I remember that while passing, this crowd of people yelling for someone named Alex calls to me, still looking for him.I recall that I strayed from following them and I went my own way and I ran into a glass window of this store I see and I land on my back ,wounded a bit.These guys who are all like a punk gang have all black on and they are coming at me with a pole as if to beat me to death,to me as a bird.I have to climb this fence and another guy bird, who reveals himself to be the lost Alex,helps me and we swoop up in to the sky and blood rushes over my feathers and I become a firey red shade with blue eyes.I become a human again when Alex leaves me at a park where this competition of riding bikes over garden bridges is happening,I play the game. I see that some of the bridges are completely submerged and have no way of passing. I try to cross one of these ad this couple I know tells me that I should have taken my socks off. I end up losing that part. I have to play chicken with this wierd lookin guy and he tries throwing me back in to the water which is weird because the water I’m avoiding is clean and the one with the submerged bridge was dirty,but I didn’t mind. Well, when the boy tried to throw me in, I wrapped my legs around his neck and jumped up and kicked him down and jumped down on all fours and roared and I saw Alex wink at me and he waved me along to go with him and another dude I know from school that I don’t even speak to was with him.Well, everybody stopped cheering and dissapeared and I noticed I was a bird again and I remember Alex was bird and I was about to follow him when I woke up.What does this all mean?

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Answer by tamar t
i know
when you dream that you are a bird and youre flying..
that means ur growing
it doesnt matter what heppend in the dream,
if you dreamt about a bird,
it means ur growing
or getting fatter
either way..
somethings growing in or on your body

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I dreamt that I became a bird, any help?

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you want to fly

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