Q&A: Any tips about how to take care of a wild baby bird?

Question by Bats: Any tips about how to take care of a wild baby bird?
Well some guy brought a wild baby bird in to the vet clinic I work at yesterday. We’ve been giving it powdered kitten food mixed with water and it seems to be doing ok with that. We’re trying to get it to a rehabilitation center soon. It has feathers and seems to be doing fine. The vet clinic normally never works with birds so we don’t know much about what to do. Are there any tips on how to take care of it until we get it some place better? I brought it home tonight, we always keep it in a box with a towel. Is that ok? It’s a baby blue jay if that helps.
We know we need to get it to a person quaified for birds like this so you don’t need to be so repetitive. We also already know where to take it, we’re just waiting till the weekend to drive up there. As for our clinic taking it, what else were we suppposed to do? The guy didn’t want to tae it back and put it where he found it so do we just toss the bird outside? The vet wasn’t stupid, she knows baby birds fledge and that if you find one it’s best to leave it alone or just watch it from a distance. You answered your question as if our clinic was the one that picked it up from someone’s lawn and took it in. Most of your long response was just pointless to the question I asked.

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Answer by Sarah B
You can take dry cat food (the cheaper corn based stuff) and soak it until it’s crumbly (Meow Mix is a good one, the one I’ve used alot). Using suchers (SP?) you can feed them. Eye droppers for water. Towel is good and if the clinic gets cold at night a heat lamp. Don’t feed the food if it’s more than 2 days old. Keep it in the fridge once it’s soaked.

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Q&A: Any tips about how to take care of a wild baby bird?

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I’d suggest that you call a wildlife center ASAP and ask them what to do, even if you can’t take the bird to them soon, they should at least have some suggestions on what to do. It’s probably best to call who ever you’re going to take the bird to (if you know yet) and ask them if there’s anything specific they want you to do with the bird.

You can feed the wild baby bird-
canned kitten food,ground mealworms, crickets & Pedialyte.

Keep him warm and protected.

You are doing real good.

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