what are some easy flowers I can grow in my backyard garden?

Question by katythelazycat: what are some easy flowers I can grow in my backyard garden?
I want to make a small flower garden. what are some easy growable flowers that can stand humid weather?
that are pretty of course

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what are some easy flowers I can grow in my backyard garden?

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I am not really sure about flowering plants, but when I lived in Key Largo Florida, we had a shady garden under 3 or 4 low trees. We had alot of “creeping Jew”… I don’t know the proper name for it, it is a purple and green leafed plant that doesn’t flower, but is also great inside, and can grow huge.. It really is a pretty plant… Also, ferns grew really well there and all sorts of air plants oh, yeah,, and gardenias.. and night jasmine… which both smell fantastic if you have the room and a few years to let them grow…

you can grow sunflower in your garden.It is just easy to grow that plant and it is a beautiful for the garden

You don’t say what part of the country you live in. I live on the eastern coast of U.S. I like dianthus, they smell nice and they come back again the following year.Along with daisys, which are easy, and morning glories or moonflowers, marigolds are easy, impatients, petunias, geraniams, , sunflowers do grow nice also, give them room to grow, they realy are large some brands. batchlor buttons, pansies,day lilies, there realy is alot to choose from. take a trip to your local green house and see for yourself,. You are bound to get ideas and advice from other nature lovers that will be shopping there.good luck.

Chrysanthemums are very nice and come in a variety of colors so you can mix and match em or mix with other plants that will return the following year. Lily of the valley likes shaded areas along with ferns and pansys which all look good together. These plant will spread and you can then thin them and transfer them to other areas or give to a friend. These will all also return next year too. I also like bachelor buttons and sweet william, they spread quickly and seed so you can either collect the seeds and plant them in other areas or just let them do their thing. these are also in lots of mixed different colors. I especially like bachelor buttons because they are in pink, purple, blue and white….baby colors.very pretty.

Any partly shade in you garden, if so tulips,iris,&gladiolas are fairly easy.

go native plants

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