Q&A: Does anyone know how to stop cats pooing in the garden?

Question by SallyMoo: Does anyone know how to stop cats pooing in the garden?
Only want humane answers please, I don’t want to harm the cat, just put it off. I am talking about a childrens nursery garden, so ideas that would be safe with small children around would be useful.

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Answer by curlyjo_33
You can’t…other than putting a fence up.

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Q&A: Does anyone know how to stop cats pooing in the garden?

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Draw a garden in their litterbox?

Keep a pet dog!!!

Try sprinkling some cayenne pepper around the edges of your garden. Good luck with your poop garden.

get a dog

Well the best way would be to put up a fence so they can’t get in.

Cat Deterrents:
* blood’s meal fertilizer
* purple foutain grass (link below – just imagine it purple) to hide a pool pump that the cat LUVVVVVVs it and lays in the long leaves all day. So my thought is maybe put something in that the cats really like and – you know cats won’t winky were they like to hang out.
* chili powder, red crushed pepper , cayenne pepper
(Beware for reasons posted above)
* toothpicks
* coffee grounds
* black pepper
* aluminum foil
* water bottle on “stream”
* motion sensor sprinklers
* chicken wire
* gutter covers
* river rocks over the exposed soil
* garlic
*cayenne pepper, it gets on the cat’s paws then they wash themselves and they get it in their eyes, beware cats have literally scratched their eyes out because of this
# moth balls, avoid these in your garden because they are highly toxic

give them antifreeze

Put tabasco sauce around the perimeter of your garden. I know it sounds wierd, but cats don’t like the scent, so they stay out. Good luck!

Hang some Ivory soap bars from a stake. Drop soap bars into old knee-hi’s, tie onto a stake & stick it in the ground along the perimeter of your garden. Place a few feet apart. This will also deter deer!

Walmart sells this powder you can get in the lawn and garden area that wont harm ur garden or ur pets seriously its called something like Pet off, Dog off something like that my grandma gets it every year cuz of neighbor cats.

Pure amonia works in keeping animals in general from the yad

Mothballs or cayenne pepper

They make different spray-like dog away etc… I know they have them for cats-even deer and you spray it around the area-the ordor scares them away. (I know the deer spary is usually wolf urine) It is usually the urine of an animal that preys on them to scare them. It’s not toxic or anything and you don’t put it on the plants. Look in the big chain hardware stores with a good garden dept. (we have a fruit/vegetable farm and use this alot!)

There is an all natural cat repellant (some kind of herb or fruit extract) at most pet stores that works pretty well.

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