How can I squirrel-proof my existing bird feeders?

Question by Jacquie C: How can I squirrel-proof my existing bird feeders?
I have two bird feeders that suction onto the windows of my second-floor apartment. Recently at least one squirrel has discovered them. I saw one climbing up the side of the house (house has wood, not vinyl siding) to get at the feeders, and it proceeded to knock them to the ground! I didn’t think squirrels could ever get to the feeders. What can I do??

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Answer by Lori K
Well, that IS the question of the century. Squirrels are just too clever in finding a way in. I don’t think it’s possible. My advice is to use foods that squirrels might simply consider unworthy of such Herculean efforts. In my yard, a lot of safflower seed is provided, to the great satisfaction of cardinals, chickadees, titmice, and other species that winter in the area but to less favorable reviews from the local squirrel population. Niger thistle is a food of choice for the local goldfinches and others of their kind, while the squirrels disdain it completely. Suet cakes left out for the nuthatches and woodpeckers are rarely molested by my squirrels, although what the crows do to these is another matter. On the large platform that is especially intended for mourning doves and house finches, a mixture of white millet seed and others is served, which seems to raise little interest from the squirrels in the neighborhood.

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How can I squirrel-proof my existing bird feeders?

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If it’s on a pole, use barbwire… If it’s in a tree, use barbwire…

Duct tape loops on the windows around the feeder, they hate that, ha!

i shoot squirls everyday. so just go get a hunting permit or what ever, and a little 22 and you can have free dinner everyday!

Stick some dumby cats or crow birds next to feeders,cut outs or ornaments.

For starters, get another type of feeder! Try one that hangs on a wire from a hook. Also, put nails sticking out wherever the suckers can land. Birds will be able to perch but the squirrell will get lanced basically. If you make it too hard for them they will leave them alone!

Somehow you need to get an Owl or a Hawk in your area, other then that, The squirrel will figure out anything you throw at them. They are very, very smart. I even tried Mega Hot Hot sauce like 1,000,000 scoville units and they loved it, so I don’t know, but I will watch to see what others say.

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