Squirrel Attacks Pigeon (and scares himself)

The squirrels kept breaking my bird feeder so I just gave up and put the last of the seed on the patio. Of course it drew lots of birds and other animals, including the Douglas Squirrel featured in this video. The squirrel decided to hog all the seed and sat in the middle of the pile, fending off invaders.

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Squirrel Attacks Pigeon (and scares himself)

Posted by admin | Posted in Bird Feeders | Posted on 29-05-2011

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Comments (7)

@xanglat There is a very nice guy called Kevin MacLeod who offers his music royalty-free. He has a pretty decent selection of music! All he asks is that you give him credit somewhere in your videos.

@xanglat Thank you so much for your comment, and for watching the video.

I wqanted write ! Thak you very much for your nice W O R K !
This video it’s great , lie a little corrida (the music is make for that) : I don’t like the real corrida, but this is funny. It’s like a little combat or …something like some dance : the tango !


Good choice of music !
Good observation of the life ot fhe animals or little animals !
Thank you very much for your big and nice sork !
I love it !


what kind of loser video tapes something this lame and STILL thinks it belongs on youtube?


The squirrel and the bird look the same size. Good Rocky fight that would make. lol

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