B29 RC plane with X1 spaceship

A B29 RC with a X1 rocket powered glider on the wing
Video Rating: 4 / 5

I Love this scene from The Proposal… when Margaret is on the phone with Frank and Kevin the dog comes out… Margaret tries to save Kevin from an eagle and loses her cellphone and then tries to bargain with a bird. Totally funny.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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B29 RC plane with X1 spaceship

Posted by admin | Posted in Bird Feeders | Posted on 24-05-2011

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Lucky escape!! really cool fly it over Berlin

This is really great! Well done.

thats fucking sick!!!!!! ya got my vote! hahahahahahha wow another kick ass manuever!!!! flat spin to pilot eject i got scared!!!!!! NOOOOO!!!!! all it needs is a cargo drop with a few flares =D

Did the B29 or the rocket crash??
Hopefully the rocket….we have the technology, we can rebuild lol!

Really like this. Sorry to hear it crashed. Could be an opportunity to refit, have the X-1 attach to the belly. Thanks for sharing.

@JohnQRandom even better if you shoot it while in the air and watch it crash

wow thats fucken bad ass

wow the rocket launch was perfect show,

very cool

looks awesome

out of all the drops ive seen in my youtube lifetime this has to be the best the rocket adds a nice touch too


chck chck BOOM!!

It would be so fun to shoot at that thing with a 22 rifle. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a cool toy. It’s just that when it comes to cool toys I want to fucking break them.

The reason you span is because you had too much rudder on mate, try a high wing trainer, they will show you right away, apart from that nice flying. Do you always land downwind?


there are no dislikes. obviously. SO FUCKING CUTE

I have an American Eskimo he looks just like that

…xD I was watching this movie with my boyfriend until the puppy showed up, the women said “Oh, thats our dog. His name’s Kevin. c:” Shoulda seen my boyfriend and my face. Guess who else is called Kevin…? xD


lolz my name is kevin XD plus i got attacked by one of those dogs and still have a scar XD

i ♥ the slap at the end

that movie rocks


I want an American Eskimo now. It’s so cute!

Ryan Reynolds is the man

how dare she try to kill that dog! luv ya sandra!

@peacelovepink190 that’s a very cheesy name lol. but if you like it, then cool! such a cute breed of dog

“Boop, boop, boop” LOL

im getting a dog like this and im naming him fluffers!

How dare her giving the puppy to the eagle!

“I need that phone, take the dog!” lmaoooooooo<3

if u touch my ass again ill cut ur balls while ur sleepin lol

@starfaery I really dont know i just like calling dogs puppies! =D

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