2. The Bird and the Worm -Owl City- Ocean Eyes;

Track #2: The Bird and the Worm. Buy “Owl City’s” New Album “Ocean Eyes”! -On iTunes; or -Pre-Order: myspace.com Support Adam Young aka Owl City! I won’t put a download link unless you really need one. i will give it to you personally to you if you ask. but that’s ONLY if there’s absolutely no way you can not what so ever, buy it. xoxo-jbps sorry i didn’t have lyrics. i didn’t realize i didn’t have any(x Lyrics: If you’re the bird Whenever we pretend it’s summer Then I’m the worm I know the part, it’s such a bummer But fair is fair If my segments get seperated I’ll scream And you’ll be there Close your eyes (Close my eyes) Slide the cotton off of your shoulder And feel the shine (Feel the shine) I’m hooked so toss me over And cast a line (Well I’ll try) I’ll throw a party and greet my undersea friends (It depends) As they arrive (If they arrive) You and I left our troubles far behind But I still have just one more question on my mind For all my pals who live in the oceans and the seas With friends like these well, Who needs enemies? If I’m your boy Let’s take a shortcut we remember And we’ll enjoy Picking apples in late september like We’ve done for years Then we’ll take a long walk Through the cornfield And I’ll kiss you Between the ears If you’re my girl Swirl me around your room with feeling And as we twirl The glow in the dark stars on your ceiling Will shine for us As love sweeps over the room Cuz we tend to make Each other blush You and I left our troubles far

2. The Bird and the Worm -Owl City- Ocean Eyes;

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