Looking for bird feeder?

Question by terrified_of_geeks: Looking for bird feeder?
I am looking for a bird feeder that will allow seed to spill on the ground.

We want to prvent mice from feeding

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Answer by zcommodore
I think you mis-typed your question but I think you want a bird feeder that doesn’t let birdseed fall on the ground. At any rate, check this website below. They have a lot of good options and helpful people.

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Looking for bird feeder?

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Here is a great site. Enjoy!

One of the better things I have found is to take any bird feeder and use a natural, untreated wood slat. Treated wood can potentially harm wild birds. Make sure it goes past 5 inches from the sides of the feeder.

Sometimes you can find larger wood platters (meant for painting) at craft and wood-working stores that will serve better. They can be slightly bowled and will pile the leftover seeds and hulls from falling to the ground.

I think Home Depot can help with the hole drilling, and it needs to be the exact diameter of the pole, if you have a pole-mounted feeder. Use a thick zip tie, or a screw, to hold the platter in place.

If it is a hanging feeder, use wood glue (if it is a wood feeder) or screw the wood into place.

If it is not a round one, you can screw in five inch long wood squares on the sides. Be sure to keep the width 5 inches longer then the feeder itself.

This is do-it-yourself. There is a link below to help you find what you are looking for, and then there is eBay (http://www.ebay.com)

I guess my suggestion of getting a lawn chair and a .22 rifle isn’t what you are looking for?
If the bird feeder sits on a pole you can always build a wood platform, off the ground, and that should prevent food from falling to the ground

Make sure the feeder is not near any trees. Those clever mice, and squirrels, will climb trees and jump down to the feeder to get to the food.

That’s why a .22 works well.

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