Discovering Nature Most Beautiful Creatures With Bird Houses, Birdbaths, Bird Feeders

Discovering Nature Most Beautiful Creatures With Bird Houses, Birdbaths, Bird Feeders

By:  Lois Roberts

There’s nothing more wonderful that getting back to nature, even in small doses.  You can’t help feeling better and getting a better outlook on life, even in the worst of times, if you surround yourself with some of the beauty of nature.  All you have to do is take the time to look.  Most us hurry through our busy days without taking the time to “Smell The Roses.”

Some of the most beautiful creatures in nature are birds.  They come in such beautiful colors and are so interesting to watch.  By putting bird feeders, bird baths, and bird houses in your yard you will have constant access to these beautiful specimens of nature.  If you have a garden with lots of colorful flowers birds will love you.  These flowers provide them with food and shelter.  If you provide them with some extra food and shelter, your garden will truly be a place they will return to year after year.  Your yard could become their permanent year round home.

Birds are always attracted to water, they especially love moving water, such as water features. They will also flock to non-moving sources such as birdbaths.  They will really love your yard if you add some of these features, and you’ll be glad you did.  Birds are scared off by shiny objects, so make sure you use a non-reflective surface.  The yard with a stone or resin birdbath will attract more birds than one that has birdbaths or water features made of metal. Having a combination of moving water and a bird bath is a great way to attract birds. There are some great specialty bird baths that are made to slowly bubble water up in the center of the bath like a fountain.  The water stays in the bath an does not spray out, which could scare the birds, but it moves enough that the birds are attracted to it. Birds will be enticed to drink and play.

Be sure and take the time to watch the birds splashing around in the water, this can be a very enjoyable site indeed.  With all the fun features you have provided for these beautiful little birds they will want to move right in to your garden and become a permanent resident.  By adding birdhouses over time you can provide housing for plenty of birds to move in to stay.  You should see birds of lots of different species and size.  It is always better to have to many birdhouses than not enough to provide a place for all the birds that might want to call your place their home.  If you don’t have enough housing this could cause some territory battles between our fine feathered friends.

Now that you have provided water and plenty of housing for our little friends, the last thing they will need is plenty of food.  You will want to get lots of bird feeders and a variety of food.  Different species of birds like different foods.  By providing these you will be allowing yourself to enjoy all the different colors and sizes of these beautiful little creatures.  This is very important in the winter since they will not have the flowers in your garden to help provide them with food.  With your help they can survive even through the toughest months.  By nature, birds tend to come back to to the same areas every year.  With all of your love and care you will see the same birds year after year, plus many new ones will want to call your place home.

You will find that it is much better to put all your birdbath, feeders, and houses in the same area with your flowers, so the birds will stay in one section of your yard.  By doing this you won’t have to clean up your entire yard, deck, or patio.  Birds eating can make quite a mess of bird droppings.  Make sure you put you bird community in an area where you can watch them easily from your windows.  They will give you years of enjoyment.

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Discovering Nature Most Beautiful Creatures With Bird Houses, Birdbaths, Bird Feeders

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