Bird Songs

Here are presented the following bird songs (some names sound pretty weird, esp. to a German native speaker): 00:00 blackbird 00:30 blue tit 00:48 great tit 01:08 yellowhammer 01:37 hoopoe 01:48 skylark 02:11 nightingale 02:40 thrush nightingale 03:08 swift 03:23 chimney swallow 03:43 grey wagtail 04:04 chaffinch 04:18 sedge warbler 04:35 wren
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Red Bull Air Race pilot Hannes Arch, had the speed to win on Sunday and was just ahead of Ivanoff at the first interval. But then a pelican punctured a gaping hole in his horizontal stabiliser shortly before the midway point. Arch said he was startled by the bird hit and was then unable to properly level his wings through the next Air Gate. It was a costly two-second penalty that dropped him behind both Ivanoff and Bonhomme. I was having a really good run and then I had a bird strike that distracted me, Arch said after inspecting the blood-covered hole on the right side of his planes tail. I was off line after that. The bird strike nearly tore off my horizontal stabiliser. It was bad luck but good luck that I was able to fly to the finish line. This wasn’t the first bird strike in the Red Bull Air Race history. In London 2008, Paul Bonhomme was unable to avoid a flock of about 200 seagulls and hit at least three of the birds, which caused some visible damage to his Edge 540. Bonhommes technician Wade Hammond was busy repairing the damage to the right wing and tail – 4 mm deep compressions to the carbon fibre skin as well as chipped paint. More information on
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Bird Songs

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My pet caniry called jack when he is not flying or taking a bath he listens to this and he talks back to it

@Bobute98 what? this only worsens my depression. It’s damn annoying.

Amazing sounds! This is a cure of depression and sadness

i cant wait till spring, its january 16th, and i already have spring fever

@le4enec I NEVER ever hurd of a rabbit loving bird sounds… Thats really funny lol

my bird started singing to it…. Its funny how animals will do crazy things and my bird was nodding her head up and down up and down

My rabbit love it !!! LOL

@xXnarugirlXx My cat is listening to this very closely and looking at the window LOL

my bird went crazy at this D:

it’s cool, relaxing and therapeutic, and it’s wounderfull when I lestin to it mixed with sea sound, loved it .Thank you

my cat attack the computer so now i got a big scratch in my screen!?!?!! XD

my cat was going crazy

my cat was looking for birds

my birds, who seem to think i’m hiding birds in my computer, are beginning to “yell” @ me!!

3:12 – 3:25 you can hear the same sound on summer even on city’s

wth my cat and dog going crazzy :p xP

i listening this video and bcame crazy

The best video I’ve found with bird songs this far! THANK you I listen to it over and over again. If anyone knows of a video with only swallows in it (or lots of swallows, hehe) I’d love to know about it. I love the sound of swallows


My cat is doing circles around the speakers (giggles).

lol i use’d it to wake my big brother xD!

what the fuck ! bird is happy has a boner or what ?!

My Birdy really liked 1:38,he got all fluffy

I played it for my rabbit ^^

sorry for not commenting on ur vids 4 a while! saw this movie in webmovietube

thats not the way to overtake

@mosshark Looks to be a blue herring. I see them all the time, looks just like one. I’ve photographed many of them before. Sometimes they migrate and sometimes not. They’re interesting.

They should probably have some type of trained bird to go after any unwanted birds.

it was a pelican.

stop play with video speed its silly !

i get the sport, but thats fukin well ‘arsh on teh brids

@CChissel enlighten me.. then what kind of bird is it? at first I thought it was a facking terradactyl..

eww gross there was innards on the horizontal stab. these planes should be equipped with guns so you can kill those kamikaze birds before they kill you

@fatqwert200 fiberglass is strong enough… i bet there would be a whole in an aluminum fuselage as well, that happened to planes (though i’m not sure about this time of planes, and i’m not a pelican expert either :p). P.S. dude, steel is too heavy… glad you didn’t propose cast iron or something thought haha ^^ (no offense)

dont make planes out of fiberglass sheet it with steel and there wont be problems

1 000XP

that pelican got fuckin PWNED

the bird went almost through it? Hell the bird disintegrated on impact and it knocked a hole. Though there were plane with bigger holes still flying. The main problem in this case its that the hole in on the leading edge and it changes the aerodynamics of the tail. Still that reporter is a usual full of crap. The plane would´ve been able to fly even if it would´ve lost half of the right aileron. Though it would not have been easy to bring it down. Normal Reporter+Avitation=Reporter talking crap.

this is actually sad imo, i hate seeing animals die. but that bird got disintegrated lmao. it got 100% owned. and the picture right before it gets hit is hilarious since the bird is flying so nonchalantly XD.

I love air races…so fun to watch and the guys are so good, but man that’s unfortunate for the pilot and the bird..Also that’s not a pelican….For you ignorant people out there.

Птичку …жалко….

@Kraaezkid fuck you “Kaas Kop”, It was a sarcastic joke, but your intelligence is to short sighted to pick it up, now go play with your dick.

@MsBloubul no u dumbass. it was a dumb bird. get over it. whoopdie doo. birds die and they are born. wah wah. you probably are just one of those people

The bird is drunk.

Did the SPCA or green peace charge him?

sooooo many pieces!

poor pelican…

wow 0.31 you see it in 1 piece 5 seconds later, pelican jigsaw puzzle!

HAHA Red Bull gives you wings and then takes your wings

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