Effective USA Bird Control Strategies

Effective USA Bird Control Strategies

Across the country, thousands of birds will often surround an area for months at a time. The noise, smell and contamination of parks, fields and structures can create a huge problem. Clean-up efforts can be costly, not to mention repairing the damage pest birds can create. Unlike some cities in Europe where birds are tolerated as part of the urban landscape, USA bird control strategies seek to limit bird invasions. In fact, many on this side of the pond have sought to enforce bird control using BB guns, poisons or other lethal culling methods. These methods are frowned upon by professional bird control experts who say that they only offer temporary relief. For the minute these measures are put aside, birds will start to return en masse to wreak havoc once again.

Experts in USA bird control insist there are much more effective bird deterrent measures one can use to keep pest birds away from parks and property. Some of these devices and methods are discussed below.

Visual Bird Deterrents


These bird scare deterrents include reflective foil banners, reflective strips and blow-up balloons that make pest birds feel threatened and uncomfortable. Strips and banners will crackle in the wind and sparkle in the sunlight, which makes birds feel very nervous. Balloons emblazoned with large predator eyes are intimidating as well, convincing pest birds that predators are lurking and just waiting to attack. These devices are widely used by USA bird control experts because they are easy to install on gazebos, overhangs, patios, eaves, and other open areas where birds often nest and roost.


Bird Spiders


Creating alarm and distraction with flagellating arms that whip around in the breeze is the Bird Spider. These devices come with various length spider arms to deter birds of different sizes. Spiders are easy to set up and virtually maintenance free. They can be used on tabletops, awnings, patio covers, and canvas boat covers–just about any flat surface where pest birds like to land.


Bird Spikes


The ubiquitous Bird Spike, while appearing lethal at first glance, is actually quite humane and surprisingly effective as a bird deterrent. Bird spikes simply won’t allow pest birds to land anywhere near them, which is why they have been widely used on rooftops, awnings, gutters, girders, signs and ledges–the list goes on and on. The bird spike is one of the most effective devices used by USA bird control professionals. The spiked strips come with steel or rigid U.V.-resistant unbreakable polycarbonate spikes. You can also get the Mega Spike (with long 7-inch spikes) to deter big birds like gulls, cormorants, vultures and raptors. Finally, there’s the Gutter Spike, which is specially designed to keep birds out of rain gutters.


Bird Slope


Once they land, even birds can’t defy gravity. Which is what makes Bird Slopes so effective as a bird deterrent. The steep-angled PVC panels keep pest birds from getting a solid footing, so any attempt to land is an almost comic act of “squirrel cage” antics that eventually forces birds to give up and leave. The panels are easily installed on most any surface using screws or glue. Widely used as a USA bird control measure, the best bird slopes are made of UV- stabilized polycarbonate to last longer. Some panels even come in various colors to match the exterior color palette of their surroundings.


Bird Gels


This sticky goo bugs the heck out of birds. The reason is, Bird Gels tug at birds’ feet with every step they take, making them feel really uneasy. Gels are easily applied with a standard caulking gun and when the goo sets, it never quite dries, leaving an icky, tacky surface that lasts for about six months. Ideal for flat or curved surfaces like parapet walls, conduit, pipes, ledges, and I-beams, Bird Gels are almost invisible as a bird deterrent.


Bird Netting


Often used to exclude pest birds from specific areas, Bird Netting is ideal for deterring pest birds from atriums, orchards, vineyards, warehouses, airport hangers and similar areas. Bird Netting comes in various mesh sizes–like 3/4-, 1-1/8- and 2-inch–to control specific bird sizes. Netting is harmless to birds and there are various types that are suitable for specific applications. There’s agricultural netting to keep birds off fruit trees and crops, and heavy-duty netting to deny pest birds access to buildings and other structures. USA bird control experts advise getting Premium Bird Netting, which is U.V. stabilized, flame resistant and rot- and water-proof.


Electric Tracks


These devices impart a harmless, mild electric jolt to birds the second they land on them. Ideal for ledges, rooflines, parapet walls, I-beams, eaves and signs, Electric Tracks are easy to install on any flat or curved surface. They present an ideal deterrent for pigeons, sparrows, gulls, starlings and similar pest birds. One manufacturer makes a low-profile, electrical track system that it measures just 1/4-inch at its highest point, and comes in four colors–grey, stone, black and terracotta. It’s almost invisible to anyone looking up from the ground. USA bird control experts prefer tracks that feature a flow-thru design to prevent water from damming up on rooftops.





Solar Bird Repellers


Using the power of the sun to deter pest birds is quite the novel idea. Now it’s more than a concept with the Solar Powered Bird Repeller. These clever devices have spinning arms that whip birds away and convince others that the area they protect is a no-fly zone. Ideal for pigeons, seagulls and larger birds, Solar Bird Repellers prevent birds from landing on signs, billboards, roofs, and similar surfaces.


The Scarecrow


Ideal for yards, parks, pools, ponds and virtually any outdoor areas, Scarecrows

deliver a stunning blast of water the second a bird approaches its active radius of detection. The devices cover approximately 1,200 square feet with a stream that reaches out 35 feet and 45 feet wide. USA bird control pros like these because they deliver over 1,000 “firings”–on one 9-volt battery. For added versatility, Scarecrows can be easily fine tuned to adjust both their sensitivity and coverage distance.








Alex Kecskes is a freelance writer focusing on effective and humane USA Bird Control. To learn more about the products listed in this article, Visit Bird-B-Gone, Inc. Bird-B-Gone has a complete line of bird control products manufactured in the U.S.A.

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Effective USA Bird Control Strategies

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