Duncraft 1744 Champion Squirrel Blocker Platform Feeder

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Duncraft 1744 Champion Squirrel Blocker Platform Feeder
Manufacturer: Duncraft
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Invite the cheerful song and beauty of birds into the backyard with this covered platform feeder from Duncraft. Designed to accommodate birds of all sizes, the feeder discourages bushy-tailed visitors with its Squirrel Blocker screen system. Adaptable for hanging or post-mounted display, the bird feeder provides nourishment for birds all through the year.

Duncraft constructed the platform feeder entirely in metal for durability in all weathers, while prohibiting chewing from squirrels or other mammals. To keep squirrels out of the birdseed, the platform uses two grids and mesh screen to provide beak access only. The feeder holds up to 1 pound of sunflower seeds in its tray. The overhead metal roof protects birdfeed from excessive rain exposure. Small holes in the feeder base allow ample drainage to further discourage mold and mildew from developing. To clean the feeder, users can take the platform apart without difficulty. Users should regularly clean the feeder with equal parts water and white vinegar to protect the birds from bacteria and disease and restock with fresh seed. For the best results, hang the bird feeder near trees and bushes rather than in the open where birds feel vulnerable to predators. To stand upright, the feeder fits on any 1-inch diameter post. The feeder does not come with birdseed. Duncraft offers limited five-year warranty for this item. The feeder tray measures 14-1/2 by 12 by 1-1/2 inches while the roof spans 16 by 13-3/4 inches. The 10-1/2-inch tall feeder weighs 6.3 pounds upon shipping. --Jessica Reuling

Product Details

  • Squirrel-proof platform bird feeder from Duncraft; with roof for protection from rain and snow
  • Crafted entirely in metal for all weather practicability; sturdy construction hinders animal chewing and abuse
  • Squirrel blocker system with metal grids and mesh screen allow beak-only seed access; designed to hold 1 pound of sunflower seeds
  • Built-in hole for post-mounting on 1-inch diameter posts; hanging loop also provided
  • Feeder measures 14-3/4 by 11-3/4 by 10-1/2 inches and weighs 6-1/3 pounds upon shipping; limited 5-year guarantee

Duncraft 1744 Champion Squirrel Blocker Platform Feeder Customer Reviews

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Duncraft 1744 Champion Squirrel Blocker Platform Feeder

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