What breed of bird should my grandma get?

Question by condor: What breed of bird should my grandma get?
My grandma’s parakeet recently past away and another before that….I think she should get a different breed……..a bird that fits in a parakeets cage….i was thinking lovebird or parrolet since at my bird store they are hand fed and she wants one that will come out??any suggestions?

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Answer by ze93
A love bird is a great choice but it is a one person pet. If the bird gets attached to another person I will attack you grandmother. But, if it takes to your grandmother I would be the best gift you could get her. They can be very playful and cuddly.

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What breed of bird should my grandma get?

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lovebird because they are very lovable and need lots of attention DONT GET A MALE AND A FEMALE because if u do they barely pay attention to u and go vicous (protective)

no just do what you know ok.

Well, I think every Grandma needs a canary.

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