what bird should i get for a pet thats small and good with kids?

Question by SkYlAr: what bird should i get for a pet thats small and good with kids?
i think a tiny parrot or albino what kind of bird do u think?

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Answer by ArmyWife_SAHM
A cockatiel or a dove

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what bird should i get for a pet thats small and good with kids?

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One of these guys:


Great with kids.

You can get a cockatiel but get one that is already trained. there are also connors. Get a library book on small birds but dont get parakeets they are no fun at all. you cant play with them.

A canary. They’re pretty and they sing too.

Budgee, colorful, medium sized. Good disposition.

Mimics whistles and some other sounds

Kids are not gentle enough for most birds. Get one to let them look but not to handle.

Parakeets (Budgie) live a long time, they are small, and easy to care for. They are pretty easy to tame. I have had many, and some that I had were so tame, they would give me kisses and sit on my head all day. They can be very sweet once they are tamed. All you have to do is buy some millet (they love this) and offer it to them everyday. Eventually, they won’t freak out when you put your hand in their cage. Then, over another week or so, try to position the millet so that the bird has to step on to your hand to eat it. Do this for another week or so, and eventuall you can pull the bird out of the cage while it is on your hand. There you have it, tamed parakeet!

Ok, first thing – albino is a pigmentation, eg. an albino cockatiel. It is not a type of bird.

Secondly, you should reword your question. No animal will be perfect with kids, and in all honesty it would be more realistic if you were to question “Are my kids ok with pets?”.

Remember that you are responsible for the health, safety and wellbeing of your pets. Pets are not babysitters (here I am not suggesting that you think this), and not all pets will be “ok” with kids. Depends on the animals and the kids involved.

As for birds, they seem to need a lot of attention, and are like children themselves. You may need to rethink your preference for a family pet.

If you do decide to go with a bird, I would sugest a budgie (parakeet). They are smaller, full of character, come in a vast array of colors, and are great pets. My own first pet was a green budgie, when I was 3 years old. My mother was the primary caretaker of the pet, and she taught me to respect and care for the bird.

Best of luck with whatever pet you choose!

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