What kind of bird do you think it is?

by axelkr

Question by Allycea’s Mommy: What kind of bird do you think it is?
My mom found a bird in her backyard yesterday and caught it and put it in a cage. My mom says it look like a parakeet, but my dad says that its too big to be a parakeet. She said that it’s about the size of a cockateil, but that it’s head is a dark green and the rest of it’s body is a teal green color. Anybody have any ideas or know a website I can go to that has pictures of birds so that I could maybe match it up. I appreciate it.
I’d like to also mention that my mom says it’s very very loud… squawking ALL the time

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What kind of bird do you think it is?

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Wow, you may have found a mini Parrot very expensive breed. I would suggest to take it to a small animal vet. They will be able to let you know. If a bird like that was found in the wild you want to make sure it has not become ill.

Possibly a love bird or a parrotlet.

it could be a small green conure i have to see a picture of it to know for sure

thank you t c

it could be a quaker parrot : )

i also believe it is a quacker

Check with a avain vet

1) it may need help
2) it’s probabbly someones pet that excaped, and they may be looking for it.

Also you may want to put an ad in the local paper under found pets (don’t give a full description, so anyone contacting you can describe there pet), and most papers will allow you to place Found pet ads for free. Also check the lost pet section.

If it’s someones pet, I hope they do manage to recover there bird.

It sounds like a Quaker Parakeet to me. They make great pets and are often good talkers! Your Mom should try to call some vets and shelters and post some ads/signs to see if the original owner can be found.

Here is a photo and some info on Quakers:


Without a photo it’s very hard to determine what kind of bird you have. But please check EVERYWHERE for the owner. I lost my Quaker and it hurts more than you can imagine. Also check these websites:
Keeping it without effort to find it’s owner is cruel for both the bird and it’s owner.

I vote quaker parrot/ monk parakeet (same bird) as well. They have established feral populations all over the US. Since the bird squaks constantly it is possible that is wild born. Human raised quakers have an over 90% rate of learning to speak. Mine does so all the time.

English parakeets, are much larger and look just like a normal keet. id take a photo to a pet store and ask what you have.

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