what kind of bird houses should i get?

Question by sportzy922: what kind of bird houses should i get?
I live in Virginia on a farm with animals and an orchard surrounded by woodland. My house is pretty private is it is at the edge of a long dirt road. I am considering buying and putting up several bird houses around my yard. Here are my questions:
1) What kinds of birds in Virginia will nest in man-made boxes, so what kind of bird houses should I get?
2)Where sould i put the houses (please tell me for each different species)?
3) How high should I put them and how far apart?
4) what is the most number of houses i can have in my yard (8 acers)?
5) I have several feeders near each other that there are always birds on, but I’ve read not to put houses near the feeders. How come?
6) If I attach houses to the side of my barn, will they nest in them? Also, will robins and swallows nest on perches inside my barn?

Any advice you have would be greatly appriciated. Thanks!!!

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Answer by SirWilliam
…the “little” birds will flock in most anywhere… the thing to remember… the size of the entrance “hole” will most always determine the size of the bird looking for a home… Martins like the Hotel lifestyle… multi levels and lots of rooms all in one BIG building on a post about 10 ft. off the ground (and they eat bugs, bugs, bugs… “Google” up bird houses and check it out.

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what kind of bird houses should i get?

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