Help, Bird Help… Lots of questions?

Question by Magical: Help, Bird Help… Lots of questions?
Put 1. and 2. for I know what question your anwsering:

1. Whats a robins favourite bird food? Oil? Seeds?
2. What birds like sun flower seeds?
3. Is there such thing as an owl feeder?
4. How high should I put my bird feeder in the tree?
5. Can cats hurt the birds while they are eating bird food?


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Answer by margecutter
Robins are not seed eaters. They eat insects and worms, and some fruit. The robins in my yard come to the feeding station when I put out grapes.

Sunflower seed (the black oil type, not the striped) is a favorite food of many birds, including blue jays, chickadees, finches, nuthatches and tufted titmouse.

There is no such thing as an owl feeder. Owls are predators. They catch and eat other animals.

Feeders should be at about 4-5 feet from the ground, if you are hanging them in trees. There are other feeding stations that you can make for ground-feeding birds.

Cats can absolutely hurt birds while they are eating bird food. That is why you should never allow your cats to roam outside. You should chase any neighbor cats you see in your yard. You should also provide some shelter for the birds, like bushes, that they can fly into quickly to escape cats and other predators.

I know that you did not ask about it, but another important thing to remember is to provide a source of clean, fresh water for your backyard birds. Another thing – if you have birdhouses where birds are nesting, do not place your feeders too close to the birdhouses. The food can attract predators that would harm or kill the baby birds.

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Help, Bird Help… Lots of questions?

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You got all you will ever need to know from Marge Cutter.

Owls eat live mice, whole and face first. You could figure out a feeder with that information.

Owls use their hearing to find their food so even by just putting dead rodents high up on a platform they probably wont be able to find it because thier eyesight is actually terrible and you’ll probably end up with lots of other raptors.

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