Q&A: What type of bird is best for me?

by hhggrr

Question by : What type of bird is best for me?
I am new to owning a bird, and, I am planning on doing a lot of research on a good type of bird for me, though, I am not sure which bird to do more research into:



Or any other type of bird that you recommend. I would like a bird that doesn’t mind being handeled, so, no finches, please. Thanks, and, 10 points will be given to best answer! Thanks!

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Answer by hami
well I’ve had both and i must say if you truly want a bird that wants to be handeled i would go with a cocktail…i had parakeets and they would let me Handel them but it was when they wanted…it wasn’t like i would come home and say hi and they were ready to come out…on the other hand poot(the name of my cocktail) would jump down and “run” back n forth till he was gotten out and was quite content to wonder around the liveing room or falow us around..his fave place was to be up under my chin..didnt matter if i wanted him there or not thate where he was…but hay thats just me…i love cocatiels…even the one we recsued is starting to come around…granted it has taken a wile(the home she came from the kids used to be mean to her and she was attacked by the dog and got her wing broke and they did noting aobut it)it has taken some time and pashance and a few band aids but its worth it there very loveing bird and are grate compaines..just be prepard to have them for a number of years..they live along time…at least 12 years usaly ….

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Q&A: What type of bird is best for me?

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Ive had cockatiels and parakeets, and I would definitely recommend cockatiels when it comes to easy handling and training. Hope this helps

Hi there, I highly recommend getting a tiel, since you mentioned you’ll be doing lots of research. Cockatiels make great first time birds (parakeets do too, however some are not as handleable as tiels). Try to find one you can visit a few times before taking him home (adoption/rescue) to make sure his demeanor is what you’re looking for. Good luck with your new bird!

Parakeets, in my experience, can be a bit skittish. They can live up to 15 years with good care. They are pretty easy to care for and are very good birds for beginners.
Cockatiels are very good pets if you are looking for a lovable, outgoing bird. Cockatiels can live over 20 years with good care. They can be quite intelligent if you teach them right. The white ones can be taught to talk, but mine tend to prefer to whistle more.
I also reccommend looking into the Conures. They are colorful, lovable, and very intelligent. Although they aren’t the best beginner birds as they require a bit more attention and can squawk pretty loud, they are very enjoyable and can quickly make their way into your family. My conures enjoy cuddling under my neck while I’m reading or watching TV. They enjoy taking baths as well, which my Cockatiels have never done surprisingly. They are about the size of cockatiels, unless you get a Nanday, Jenday, Sun, etc. They are a bit louder of the Conures but are a little more intelligent. They are also a bit bigger and heavier than other conures. I reccommend Green Cheeks or Yellow Sided Conures. I have one of each and they are absolutely adorable. They are very funny as well, and always find a way to make my family laugh by hanging upside down, bobbing their heads, or by making little grunting sounds.
I hope this helped, good luck on finding the right bird for you!

Indian ringnecks are good, not too much maintainance, can copy your voice, dosen’t screech till you wake them up

If you have a terrier dog and needs a friend to be part of your family, I suggest a Senegal parrot. Try to get a young baby and he will adapt very easily and love to be handled and be your new friend :0). You can find more information at: http://www.prettybirds.net/Senegal.htm & http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Senegal_Parrot & http://www.parrotparrot.com/articles/senegal.html .

These playfull and love to cuddle birds are a real pleasure!!

Greetings from South Africa

I owned both, and they are great birds to have!

Parakeets are loyal and bond quickly when worked with. I love mine dearly, bonded to me within a week. He’s amazing.

My cockatiel (who died of old age) was a buddy! Will stick with you!

They both LOVE to be handled if you train them right! They both have small talking abilities and both very smart!

Here’s a Budgie Care Sheet:

Here’s a Cockatiel Care Sheet


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