How do I repel rabbits from my garden?

Question by LunaXtar: How do I repel rabbits from my garden?
There is this family of rabbits, I think they live in this empty lot next to my and they come in my yard and eat all my plant leaves and bulbs. But they seem like they are domesticated because they come out in the day and they aren’t really affraid of humans. I love to work in the garden so I want something that will still be safe for me to “be in.” Please help I want them out of here.

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Answer by d m
get a boarder collie

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How do I repel rabbits from my garden?

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Home Depot and stores like Lowes sell a roll of chicken wire that’s only about 12″ high, so just place a small fence around the garden, as rabbits will not jump a short fence, usually. We had the same problem with our small vegatable garden and the 12″ high fence worked like magic.
I would have prefered to have rabbit stew but my better half had other ideas.

Can you get fencing? If not, a dog might do the job. Otherwise, there are no options. Rabbits aren’t deterred by chemical or natural deterrents.

Metal coil fencing is the key. I had literally the exact same problem a few years ago. Rabbits were coming into my garden and munching away at my freshly planted peppers, leaving only stubs. I put up some cheap metal fencing (supported by metal stakes) around the entire perimeter of the garden, which did the trick. My garden is safe.

Be sure, though, that you cover EVERY possible access point from which rabbits can enter; for those little critters can always seem to find a way in. My garden is partially bordered by a wood deck. I didn’t fence the deck area, only to learn the hard way that rabbits will go as far as to chew through the support beams to get in.

Don’t laugh at this, but, simply plant Marigolds around your vegi garden. It works every time!!

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