Q&A: I found a hedgehog in my back garden?

Question by Cheesepuff: I found a hedgehog in my back garden?
Earlier today, at about 2pm, in my back garden, I saw a hedgehog walking around. It looked healthy and seemed to be walking normally.
But I am very confused, as hedgehogs are nocturnal. And not only that, the snow in my back garden was about 1ft deep, and hedgehogs should be in hibernation at this time of year.
So, about 15 minutes after the hedgehog left, I put a small amount of finely cut cheddar cheese on to a small plastic tray and left it at the bottom of my garden, under a hedge, sheltered from snow and hidden from cats/birds.

My questions are:
- Do you think the hedgehog will come back for the cheese?
- Why is it out during the day, especially at this time of year?
- Will the snow keep the hedgehog hydrated? (I didn’t leave out a dish of water as it might freeze over in these sub zero temperatures)

Please post sensible answers to my 3 questions above. Telling me to ‘smash the hedgehog’s skull in’, as someone has just posted, is very unhelpful and cruel advice. :/

Best answer:

Answer by Kidney Schultz
- No.
- He missed his friends.
- The hedgehog is going to die, there is no way around it.

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Q&A: I found a hedgehog in my back garden?

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I don’t know anything about hedgehogs, but they sure look cute! Maybe you should call an animal rescue place or animal control and ask them. A rescue place could probably nurse him back to health and keep him warm until the spring when he could be released back into the wild again.

I saw a program about a raccoon (Billy the Exterminator) and he saw pretty much the same thing you saw. It’s a nocturnal animal and should not be seen during the day. The animal was trapped (for trap and release) and it was discovered that it was very, very ill. The animal died before they could get it to the rescue place.

So this could be the problem with your hedgehog. Maybe he is sick and needs to go to the rescue place.

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